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Jingo's 007 Hi,back with a tank,Michael Wittmanns last Tiger with turret number 007(no jok...


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Jingo's 007 Hi,back with a tank,Michael Wittmanns last Tiger with turret number 007(no joke!).Camo and "Zimmerit"-coating,spare tracks on front and turret,patch of 1st SS-Panzerkorps,1st SS-Panzerdivision "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler"(LSSAH)and of course the famous barrel marking. Michael Wittmann The most successful tankcommander of ww2 was born on April 22nd 1914 in Vogelthal,Bavaria.the farmer's son had served 6 months in the Reichsarbeitsdienst(RAD)=labour corps when he enlisted in the 9th infantry regiment.He left the service 1936 as nco,joining LSSAH in April 1937.He soon started driver training on various armoured vehicles,showing excellent skills.With the invasion of Poland,Wittmann started his battlefield carrer commanding a recon Sd.Kfz 232.In late 1939 he began his training on assault-guns(Sturmgeschütz).In late 1940,after being tranferred to SS-Sturmbatterie(assault-gun battery)he joined combat in Yugoslavia and Greece as plattoon leader.After the ambush on the Sovietunion on June 22nd 1941(Operation Barbarossa),Wittmann received IC 2nd and1st class,wound badge and finally tank assault badge for destroying six tanks in a single engagement in the Rostov area.In June 1942 he started officers training at SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz,Bavaria.In December 1942, as tank instructor and being promoted to lieutenant,he became Panzer III plattoon leader of a Tiger company,securing the Tiger backline against infantry and other enemy units.On July 5th Wittmann's Tiger career started with "Operation Zitadelle"(citadel).When this operation was finished on July 17th,including the battles of Kharkov and Kursk, Wittmann had destroyed 30 tanks and 28 guns.In August 1943 LSSAH was transferred to Italy for refitting.Returning to the Eastern front in October 1943,Wittmann continued his successful chase,meanwhile carrying the famous "S21" and receiving Knight's cross and oakleaves from Hitler personally.Between February and March 1944 Wittmann got command of 2nd company of schwere SS-Panzerabteilung 101(sSSPzAbt101) and was transferred to Belgium.After D-Day,Wittmanns fame grew by desroying the whole 4th County of London Yeonmanry Regiment almost on his own.Wittmann's Tiger surprised the unit at rest,blocking the narrow road No.175 near Villers-Bocage by destroying the first vehicle while keeping the crews with mg-fire from the rest of the vehicles.One after the other the regiments armour went up in smoke,hit by Wittmann's lone Tiger,while the British soldiers got surrounded by SS-grenadiers.But on August 8th 1944 Wittmann's luck had run out.During the attempt of recapturing Caen Tiger 007 got hit and Wittmann and his crew killed.British,Canadian and Polish units claimed having Wittmann ambushed and killed.Inspections of wreck proved them wrong.Most probably a HE-rocket of a Hawker-Typhoon hit the engine,inflaming the combat compartment and stored ammo,killing Wittmann and crew immediately and blowing the turret off the hull.Michael Wittmann died at age 30,his crew between 20-24.He destroyed more than 130 enemy tanks and guns.

These files are dds and need to be reconverted with MakerRfa,if you don't have a texture folder or MC3.7 (4.0 soon!) Thx for enjoying my work,critisism and support(Aquila!)or new challenges(OrbisFactor!),stay tuned,Jingo. E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de "Reason separates man from animals."

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