Jingo's Battle of the bulge skin pack

Jingo's Battle of the bulge skin pack Hi,back with some skins for the battle of the bulge. Allies:...


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Jingo's Battle of the bulge skin pack Hi,back with some skins for the battle of the bulge. Allies:vehicles with winter camo(quick field style),patch of 9th armored(Phantom)division,soldiers with winter helmets, green mitters,smoked faces and patch of 106th(Golden lions)infantry division. Axis:vehicles with winter camo,Wespe with war flag,patch of 12th ss division "Hitlerjugend",ss-troopers with reversible oakleaf camo winter-parka,brown camo-mitters,low boots,grey toque and battle smoked faces. As a compromise I made the 1st person mitters grey. The battle In September 1944 the allied troops had liberated Belgium.Units of the 1st US-army tried to enter Germany in the Aachen area,but were driven back by counter attacks.The Germans had stabilized their defense positions alongside the Siegfried-line. The allied advancement stops,as General Eisenhower has to wait for new orders.President Roosevelt is preparing the next election campaign and the Jalta-conference with Churchill and Stalin.So all is more or less quiet on the western front. Meanwhile the Germans prepare for a big strike.It's Hitler's own plan and therefore completely irrational.The main objective was to rush through the Belgian Ardennes,head for Antwerp,conquer it and destroy the harbour.The allies would have been cut off from the sea and vital supplies.The plan depended on the high-speed advancement of 2 panzer-armies in most difficult terrain and bad weather for allied air strikes,any major delay would be deadly.Fieldmarshal Model,the chief-strategic in the west("...this plan won't stand on two legs...")and other high commanders warned Hitler and asked for achievable objetives. But after Stauffenberg's failed assassination on him,Hitler trusted no one anymore and didn't listen. The operation "Wacht am Rhein"(Watch at the Rhine)started on December the 16th 1944 at 5.30am,temperature -10°C and took the allied troops completely by surprise.As a massive armoured attack was the least expected in this tightly wooded mountain area, the defense lines were very thin.Although hit by heaviest German artillery fire,mostly unexprienced Gi's held their positions against the 1st ss- Panzerkorps(1st and 12th divisions "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler"and "Hitlerjugend",3rd paratrooper division and 12th volks grenadier division).Another reason for the slow advancement was a massive traffic jam,when all these divisions tried to reach their positions in time.The 99th and 106th US-infantry divisions were almost entirely crushed or captured,but the 424th regiment of the 106th managed to escape and together with other survivors they held the vital position at St.Vih like the 101st airborne defending Bastogne and denying surrender("Nuts!")to the ss.So the Germans were kept away from the allied fuel depots,they needed so badly for their offensive.When the weather cleared,the allied bombers gave them the final sting.On January the 28th 1945 the battle is over.The Germans had lost their last offensive capacities.The only achievement was a temporary "bulge" in the allied lines. US casualties:75522,8447 killed,46170 wounded,20905 m.i.a.or p.o.w. British casualties:200 killed,239 wounded,969 m.i.a.or p.o.w. German casualties:67675,10749 killed,34439 wounded,32487 m.i.a. or p.o.w.

These dds files need to be reconverted with MakerRfa,if don't have a texture folder or MC3.7. Thx for enjoying my work,making suggestions or fairly critisizing me!Stay tuned,there's more to come,Jingo. E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de

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