Jingo's Italian Skin Pack (R2R)

Jingo's Italian skin pack(RtR) Sforza amici,I'm back with my first skins for RtR!As a start I chose...


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Jingo's Italian skin pack(RtR) Sforza amici,I'm back with my first skins for RtR!As a start I chose the Italians:183rd "Nembo"airborne division, M13-40 carro armato,Wespe,Hanomag and Kuebelwagen. The helmet of the paratroopers(sadly not the historicly correct one) still carries the black "Bersaglieri"feather,I simply didn't how to get rid of it!(If someone knows,tell me.)The rest of the uniform is quite close to the original.I added the division insignia on the backpack.The vehicle camos are similar to the Germans,using different shades of the classic green,brown and dark jellow.The Wespe has got a royal Italian flag on top. the Italian forces of ww2 suffered heaviest under the hybrid visions of Benito Mussolini,who tried to lead his country to old Roman glory.As a mass army the "Regio Esercito"(royal army)was overstrained with the"Duce"'s expansionist dreams. In North-Africa the Italian troops got quickly surrounded by the British but were saved by the arrival of Fieldmarshal Rommel and the Africa Korps.But credit must be given to the extraordinate bravery of the paracadutisti,the soldiers of the 185th airborne division "Folgore"(Lightning).Fighting for every inch at El Alamein,even with bayonnet charges,they were driven back deep in the desert and eventually surrendered,after having no more water or ammunition. The remaining core regiment of the "Folgore"build up and trained the 183rd "Nembo"(Storm)parachute division.They fought in Yugoslavia against partisans,then Sicily,being driven back when armistice came.In large numbers the paratroopers didn't switch sides, but joined the German 1st Fallschirmjaeger Corps and kept fighting the allies at Anzio.The "Nembo" was the one of last Italo-German units that surrendered on May 1945. These files are dds and if you don't have a texture folder or MC3.7,use MakerRfa to reconvert them. Thx again to all my loyal fans and everybody who enjoy my work,make suggestions(I need your input,folks!)or fairly critisize me.So stay tuned,there's more to come! E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de "Reason separates man from animals."

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