Jingo's Japanese Soldiers

Jingo's Japanese soldiers Here's the next set of skins.Japanese army and marines(Special...


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Jingo's Japanese soldiers Here's the next set of skins.Japanese army and marines(Special naval landing force/Tokubetsu Rikusentai). Army troopers with khaki uniform,rank patch on collar pfc(Ittohei),medic with field cap,face and hands smoked. Marines with greenish uniform,anchor symbol on helmet,sleeve rank patch,face and hands smoked. The Japanese marines were a highly trained,extremely disciplined and best equipped elite force of the Imperial Navy. They took part in all major naval operations(Bataan,Wake) and operated later as defensive units.They gained the respect of the US marines by their esprit,toughness and eventually their willingness to die to the last man. Place these dds files in the MC texture set pacific map folder of your choice,done!If you should not have MC 4.0 ot a texture folder,you must reconvert them with MakeRfa. Thx for enjoying my work,suggesting new skins or fair critisism.Extra thx again to the hard working KiKKiN of BF1942files.com and of course the whole MC team!Stay tuned,there's more to come,Jingo. E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de

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