Jingo's Market Garden Skin Pack

Jingo's Market Garden pack Hi,here are some new skins for the Market Garden map.German vehicles...


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Jingo's Market Garden pack Hi,here are some new skins for the Market Garden map.German vehicles with camo,tanks with Zimmerit,Wespe with warflag on top. Patch of 10th SS-division "Frundsberg",Tiger with avatar of 506th schwere Panzerabteilung.Soldiers with palmtree camo,British 1st airborne division(the helmet is not correct,I know!)with div patch and corporal rank chevrons.Faces and hands of allies and axis battle smoked. Montgomery's plan was simple and daring.One huge airborne operation should end the war before winter 1944.The Rhine bridges should be conquered and open the way to Northwest-Germany and the industrial heartland.Although there were early warnings and against the advice of other commanders,Fieldmarshal Montgomery and his plannig head General Browning expected no major resistance.As a matter of fact the British 1st airborne division jumped almost directly on the 2nd SS-Panzerkorps,that was send to the Arnhem area to rest.The 9th and 10th SS-Panzerdivisions "Hohenstauffen" and "Frundsberg"cut off the paras,who held their position heroicly for 8(!)days(planned were 24 hours!),before they had to surrender.2500 were able to escape,more than 7000 were killed or wounded,the Germans almost 3000.This happened in september 1944 between the 17th and 26th. These dds files have to reconverted,if you don't have a texture folder or MC3.7. Thx for downloading my stuff or making suggestions!There's more to come,Jingo. E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de "Reason separates man from animals."

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