Jingo's PanzerIV and SS-troops



Jingo's PanzerIV and SS-troops on request Hi,back again with 2 files I've done for Whoopu and VonMeyer and hopefully will be enjoyed by everybody else. The P IV bears standard camo and "Zimmerit"coating,I tried to make it bit "battle-worn",patch of 17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen".The ss-troopers have "pea-dot"-camo,some decorations(IC 1+2),camo rank patch and tank destruction badge.I added canteen,breadbag and packed smock,of course this works only if you don't look too close.As there are no working 3D-models for these items,they are "flat".I did this to break the "routine" and at least try a new look.May you can tell me your opinion or make suggestion about possible addings. Most of you will not be familiar with 17th ss or it's name.It was raised in 1943 in France.The name refers to a famous rouhgnecked knight(1482-1562) of the 16th century who spent most of his life at war and challenging imperial authority.During one of his countless fights,his right hand was shotoff.He had it replaced by an iron prothesis,one of the world's first of it's kind .From this day he was known as the knight with the iron hand(see div.patch!).Another popular fact about him is that he once told the bishop of Bamberg to kiss his ass.So the 17th div. was widely known as the "kiss my ass"-division. THe few of you who don't have a texture folder or MC3.7(...),reconvert these files with MakerRfa. Many thx for your enthusiasm and interest in my work,any kind fair critisism or suggestions will always be welcome. Stay tuned,there's more to come,Jingo. E-mail:[email protected]/[email protected] "Reason separates man from animals"

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