Jingo's RTR skin pack vol2

Jingo's RtR skin pack vol2 Hi,this is second part of my RtR skins.Allies:Grant 2nd US armoured...


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Jingo's RtR skin pack vol2 Hi,this is second part of my RtR skins.Allies:Grant 2nd US armoured division "Hell on wheels" and British 8th army(Husky) "Desert Rats" with div.patches,3rd US infantry div. with light khaki and div.patch(Anzio),3rd Karpathian rifle div.(Poland)brit style uniform,div.patch and white eagle on beret.Axis:assault gun,1 German camo with "Hermann Göring" tank div.patch,2 Italian incl. desert camo for Husky,Hanomag camo with war flag on top,29th Italian SS grenadier,2nd"Vendetta"-battallion with special it. patches,German Panzergrenadier with Italian camo smock and tank desruction badge,German M13 camo and It. Wespe desert camo. The Polish skins of course do not correspond with ingame flags and language,but as an historical correct alternative to the French,this is I think a minor mistake.As well as the story behind the 2nd Polish korps(2nd Warsaw armoured div.,3rd Karpathian rifle div.,5th Kresowa inf.div.)is quite touching.Most of the men were Soviet pows taken when Hitler and Stalin divided Poland amongst themselves.After the German ambush on Russia,the Polish exile government in London convinced Stalin to release the prisoners for the fight against Nazi-Germany.General Wladislaw Anders,a former pow himself,became the commander of the 2nd corps.The prisoner release was stopped,when the truth came out about the Katyn massacre(15000 captured Polish officers had been executed by Soviet secret service!)and the exile government stopped all negotiations with Russia.In big parts it was the barvery of the Polish troops that decided the battle of Monte Cassino. These dds files have to be reconverted with MakerRfa,if don't have a texture folder or MC3.7(...). Thx for your interest in my work,any kind of input or suggestions is welcome,Jingo. E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de "Reason separates man from animals."

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