Jingos Allied Skin Pack

Here is the Allied skin pack as promised by Jingo.


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Here is the Allied skin pack as promised by Jingo.

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                                       Jingo's allied skin pack
So here's something for the allied fraction!Soviet tanks and infantry,US vehicles for the bulge map(winter) and
1st infantry division and Sherman for Omaha.As the Red Army kept everything under extreme secrecy,there were no 
genereal regulations for amoured vehicle insignia.So the units used very individual markings to confuse the enemie's
recon.So I picked what made sense and looked cool.I added popular propaganda slogans and translated them where possible.
For the ones of you who might not know this:the T-34-85 is the one with the long barrel,so don't be confused with the T-34 files,the game is wrong here.The short barrel version should actually be a T-34-76.
You just need skin manager 1.6 to use these files!Have fun,Jingo.

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