Jingos German Skin Pack

This is a superbe skin pack made by jingo. This ones a kicker!!! (great)


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This is a superbe skin pack made by jingo. This ones a kicker!!! (great)

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                                    Jingo's German skin collection
Hi,here's a big skin pack for you!"Grossdeutschland Division"(GD)vehicles and grenadiers,vehicles and soldiers for the Stalingrad map,Tiger S13(Gnome)for the Kursk map,Wittmann's Tiger S04 winter,"Blue Division" soldiers(spanish anti-communist
volunteer division),Wehrmacht tan-water camo(Omaha) and SS oak leave autumn,spring plain-tree and dot 44.
                           Short historical info about the "Blue Division"
IN 1941 the Spanish fascist dictator(Caudillo)Francisco Franco decided to send a volunteer force to the Eastern Front.
On one hand to pay back the help of the German "Legion Condor" in the Spanish Civil War,on the other to fight back the communists.As he was not willing to enter the war,the Spanish military was out of the question.So 19000 members of the fascist"Falangist Party"(Blue shirts!)volunteered and were send to Germany to form the 250th infantry division.Franco withdrew the division in 1944 on allied pressure.Almost 4000 were killed in action,around 8500 wounded.A couple of hundred
returned illegaly to Germany to join the SS.Some of them made a last stand in the defense of Berlin.

You just need Skin manager 1.6 to place the files.Have fun,Jingo.

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