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Because I could not find a single player addon that anyone did, here are two Classic Conquest maps I have added BOTS to. I...


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Because I could not find a single player addon that anyone did, here are two Classic Conquest maps I have added BOTS to. I have not seen these on servers anymore and I feel they are to much fun to let die. The First is France Hills by Lynnx, and the Huertgen forest by Rex McLachlin. I have made a few changes to enhance play with bots, but tried to keep the original as pure as possible. Because these are not addons(001) or Mods I have renamed them so the originals will not be overwritten. These maps are for Standard BF1942

These maps support Single Player and COOP

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Download '' (21.76MB)

__________________________Use at your own risk________________________


1) Unpack the .zip
2) Copy the .rfa files into your Levels directory. Default path is
C:ProgramEA GAMESBattlefield 1942Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels

If you do not have Bf1942 installed at this folder, please find
the correct path and paste the .rfa file in there.


About the Maps:

French Hills (France Hills by lynnx):

ORIG README: In this Battlefield 1942 map can you play with the German or Ameican army. Both teams have a base with an airfield. Between the 2 bases are 4 small villages. Every village has an flak and a stationary machinegun. The allies start whit 2 mustangs, a sherman, m10, an APC and a jeep. The Germans start with 2 bf109 , 2 tigers, a APC and a jeep.

Hurtgenwald (Huertgen forest by Rex McLachlin):  

ORIG README: This map is based on the battle of Huertgen Forest which occurred from September 14 to December 13, 1944. Huertgen Forest is located in the mountainous region south of Aachen on the border between Germany and Belgium and is about 10 by 20 miles. The Siegfried Line passes through the forest along the German border. The Siegfried Line is composed of 2 belts of fortifications, the Scharnhorst Line and Schill Line, which together make up the Siegfried Line. 
The Battle of Huertgen Forest was one of the bloodiest on the western front. During one advance, the US suffered 1 casualty for every 2 feet of ground gained. A total of 33,000 Americans were wounded, killed, or evacuated for trench foot or other illnesses. German losses are unknown but are estimated to be higher.
The map itself is based on the Kall River Gorge and surrounding villages, all of which are located in the center of the forest. The Germans control most of the map at the begining but lack armored support at their forward command points.


Rex McLachlin and lynnx,

I have enjoyed these maps emencely. Thank you for your art.

Joe Hanson


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