-=[Js0's 442nd Neisei Allies skins]=-


For those who were complaining about me not comming out with any historica...


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-=[Js0's 442nd Neisei Allies skins]=-


For those who were complaining about me not comming out with any historically accurate skins heres my answer. (btw my zero skin is "based" on a real Zero :p )


The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was organized on march 23, 1943, in response to the War Department’s call for volunteers to form an all Japanese American army combat unit. Over 12,000 Japanese American answered the call.

After about a year of training at Camp Shelby, the 442nd went overseas to Italy on May 1, 1944. The 442nd was assigned to Gen. Mark Clark’s U.S. Fifth Army and underwent its baptism of fire at Suvereto on June 26, 1944. For the next ten weeks, the unit engaged the German army in the mountainous Italian terrain, driving the enemy forces north to the Arno River.

From October through November 1944, the 442nd served in northeastern France, where it fought with the 36th Infantry Division in the dark and bitter-cold forests of the Vosges Mountains. The French towns of Bruyeres, Belmont, and Biffontaine were liberated in the Vosges campaign, which was also highlighted by the rescue of the “Texas Lost Battalion.” The 442nd suffered more than 800 casualties in the process of rescuing approximately 200 Texans.

The 442nd RCT returned to Italy in April 1945 to breach the German Gothic Line, which had blocked the Allied advance for six months. The 442nd broke through the German defenses in less than a day – and in the next three weeks forced the German army to retreat north to the Po Valley, where it finally surrendered on May 2, 1945.

With its battle cry, “Go For Broke!” the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, along with the 100th Infantry Battalion (separate), earned the honor and distinction of being the most decorated unit of its size and length of service in battle in U.S. military history.

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was honored with a special Presidential Parade in Washington, D.C., where it received from President Harry S. Truman its 7th Presidential Unit Citation. President Truman remarked on the occasion, “You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice and won.


http://www.homeofheroes.com/moh/nisei/index.html (MUST SEE~!!!) http://www.goforbroke.org http://www.nikkeiheritage.org/research/442.html


Hopefully by now you have probably already installed other skin mods. If not there are plenty of tutorials to be found on many community BF 1942 sites.

For best results use "Merciless Creations" Texture Set to install your custom skins. Once you have this mod it becomes a simple matter of dragging and dropping these skins into which Pacific map directory you wish to have them in. Visit http://www.mercilesscreations.com for the Texture Installer and other great add ons!


If your gonna use the skins in a mod or something just email me and ask. Chances are I'll happily let you depending on the situation.


email: Johns0@hotmail.com website: www.mech8.com

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