Jungle River DC

This is a jungle map for DC. Not too many that I know of that look this good. And finally! Someone included screenies with their submission!...


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This is a jungle map for DC. Not too many that I know of that look this good. And finally! Someone included screenies with their submission! Yes!

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          Jungle River DC

A map for Battlefield 1942 -- Desert Combat
BF1942 Version Coming Soon

By [Lava] TheOne

Version 1.0d

Release Date: 9th January 2004


"A dense foggy jungle environment in which to fight your way to various control points, 
such as an abandoned camp, a jungle village, and armies front lines. Have your troops 
patrol the river in rhib's and watch for enemy movements from the air or just get in the 
thick of things beating through the foliege to defeat your enemy!"

I started this map by accident, playing around with the heightmap settings in battlecraft 
I created a fairly flat environment with lots of pockets of water. From that I created the 
river and made the land all wet grass. I started to add bunches of trees, until there were 
hundreds! I shortly found out that I had too many objects. So I started the objects again, 
first making the bases, then tweaking the landscape, adding mud, and then placing lots and 
lots of trees and bushes. I also decided to add some fog. I continued to make various 
additions to the bases, like guard towers, props, and the jetty and finally a few more 
object spawns! As Coalition do not have any amphipious vehicles I decided to swap the main 
bases around, so that the centre flag is on the coalition side, but don't worry, its the 
same distance from the Opposition base! There are also several ways for non-amphibibious 
vehicles to cross the river. 
Several months later, after many many test versions, I had created what I have here now.... 
Jungle River!


-Custom skins (See skin Credits)
-Over 1400 objects used!
-Custom objects
-Unspawnable control points
-Custom Mi8 Opposition helicopter (See below)
-Tricky river crossing points
-Weapon kit spawns

      Installaltion Instructions

Extract Jungle_River_DC.rfa to \Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Skin Credits

dc_usa_camo (US soldier skins)

Jungle Camo Humvee
 Orbis Factor

Iraqi Armour camo

Other Skins

Didn't use any custom Opposition soldier skins because there weren't any quality ones
readily available. I think that the Opposition soldier skins that come with DC 0.6 are 
very suitable for the kind of environment in this map

Other Credits


      Special Thanks

21st Century Warfare Mini-Mod Team --
 -- Mi8 minigun version coded by Jazzman

                   - & -

-- All the people that helped me test this map! --


Thanks for trying it out
Any comments: no1vandriver@hotmail.com



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