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The Kamikazee Mod is the continuation of what I began with BerlinJeeps and BocagePLUS. Included, of course, is Blarno's infamous K...


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The Kamikazee Mod is the continuation of what I began with BerlinJeeps and BocagePLUS. Included, of course, is Blarno's infamous KubelKopter Mod, now with the APC versions of his kopter also. Now, it's for all maps. I edited the spawns for all the maps to include both the standard kubelkopter & APCKopters CHANGES: TANKS: -Increased Torque, it takes a steep incline to slow them down. -Increased Hitpoints, it takes more to destroy them -The Sherman and Panzer IV has an extra position (Usually so the gunner and drop and hide inside the tank) WILLYS/KUBELS: -Tank cannon activated by Fire Button -Nitrous activated by Alternate Fire Button (Click when you need speed to cover large distances quickly, or to Kamikazee Into tanks. Hold down to fly into oblivion) -Various texture changes -Increased HitPoints -Dual Double MG's for 2 gunner positions PLANES: -All planes have a little more power and better handling -All planes, but one, have extra MGs in the wings -Some planes drop an extra bomb per drop -The B17 drops alot more bombs for insane carpet bombing -The B17 has 2 extra gunner positions (Action BF) -Players can spawn inside B17 (but if it's full, they die :( ) LANDING BOATS: -Added a rocket engine activated by Alternate Fire. (For the allies, it's a ship-type so it won't work out of water) (For the axis, it's a plane-type engine so you can literally fly) SPAWNS: Market Garden now spawns Planes for the Axis Team too. Stalingrad has AA guns to help balance against the kubelkopter There are many other changes that are subtle and will probably only be noticed by avid players. Extra Info This mod is not intended to be realistic, or a sim. If you want realism, this is not the mod for you. It's intended for good fun. -For those who are tired of driving 5 minutes across a huge map, only to meet up with a tank and die. -For those who've ran across their base to get to the ONLY jeep/kubel in the base, only to have someone else spawn next to it, and not even bother to waits 4 more seconds to pick you up, there are more vehicles. Updated Bug Info Tobruk has not been included (unstable) Midway CoOp doesn't work. wait til next version of Kamikazee Mod

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Download 'kamikazeemodbeta.zip' (17.06MB)

                        Kamikazee Mod (beta)
                       [BCA] Kamikazee Driver

    -This mod requires Battlefield 1942 version 1.2
       It WILL not work with earlier versions of Battlefield
       If you don't know what version of Battlefield you have,
       then may God help you, it's not gonna get easier.

    -I haven't included Tobruk, as it CTD's everytime.
     I also don't recommend activating the mod, and playing the
     retail maps, I haven't done much testing with that.


    -Extract the entire contents of the archive (KamiModBeta.zip) to
     C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods
        That's the default installation path for Battlefield.
        If you installed Battlefield to a different drive and/or 
        folder, then extract it to the appropriate folder.
        Just so the archive ends up in the Mods folder.
        If you don't have a 'Mods' folder, then you don't have
        version 1.2, you need to download the patch already.

    -Navigate to the folder you extracted the archive to.
         ". . .\Battlefield 1942\Mods"

    -Double click the file, "KamikazeeModbeta-Finish.bat"
        All this file does is copy the games music files from
        ". . .\Battlefield 1942\Mods\Bf1942\Music"
        and copies them to the KamikazeeMod's folder.
        It then deletes the slaughter4.bik from the Kamikazee
        Mod's Music folder so when the mod is activated, it
        doesn't play both music files.
        This WILL NOT delete any of the games files, and will
        not interfere with your original game in anyway.

        I could've included them in the archive to keep it simpler,
        but it would've added an extra 25meg to the size of the
        archive (after compressed).

You're done.

Load up Battlefield 1942
Click 'KamikazeeModBeta'
Then Play CoOp with BOTS
Host a game and have your friends
join in.

When you bring up the server list, and see any map called,
KamiBeta-???????? (where ? is the maps name), that server
is running this mod.

-Vehicles from the KubelKopter mod are present in this mod.
 Many thanks and recognition goes to Blarno, the author of that mod.
 You may be able to find him in the forums at bf42.com
-Battlefield1942files.com for being the only site out of 3 that posted
 my other mods.  This is my Battlefield shanty

-Action BF Mod, for the extra position in the Sherman, giving gunner a 
 place to hide.


Please report any bugs to Wolfgang28612@yahoo.com


 -In the CoOp battles, all the Kopters are Kubels, no Jeeps.
     The Jeep variant's AI is inaccurate, causes bots to 
     kill themselves, they can't fly it.  So for CoOp, i just
     use the kubel variant.

 -Bot's can't fly APC Kopter
     I know.

 -I've experienced a few random crashes, and the last line of
  the log file says "FullScreen_Presentation_Interval" and
  some numbers.  I haven't yet detected the cause of this. 
  This is beta, so I'm not finished yet as far as tweaking 
  around and tryiing to avoid this problem.


This mods works fairly well on most systems with the exception of the
occasional Crash-To-Desktop.  If somehow or another, your computer 
explodes, implodes, sets fire to itself or anything, It's not my fault.

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