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The city of Kharkov is the only major Russian city to change hands 4 times during the course of the war. This mod illustrates the s...


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The city of Kharkov is the only major Russian city to change hands 4 times during the course of the war. This mod illustrates the situation on February 16, 1943, when the city was recaptured by Russian guards troops during their second winter offensive which started by enveloping the German 6th army at Stalingrad. They lost the city of Kharkov again to Field marshall von Manstein some 29 days later during the last of the succesfull German attacks on the eastern front. That summer all German hopes for victory were destroyed after losing the epic battle of Kursk. In August'43 when the Kursk offensive was repelled Kharkov changed hands for the last time. Nothing but ruins and rubble remained of what once was a proud city in the south of the Soviet Union.

Now it is up to you to put on the (worn out) shoes of a Russian soldier of a Guards Tank Brigade. These units were very well equipped and prepared for extreme winter conditions. Stavka (the Red Army HQ) made sure these units were supplied with a steady stream of ammunition, medical supplies, wodka and food. You will be issued fully winter camouflaged vehicles, a padded winter coat and a mean flying machine called "Tanja" by the Red Army. Our American friends have sent their lend-lease vehicles as well. You are going to need all of these since it was VERY cold in the winter of 1943...

You might notice the German vehicles and uniform were not modified. We decided not to do so since a lot of good German winter textures have been released already. Once you know how to handle a rfa extracting/packing utility you should be able to collect some cool German soldier and vehicle winter skins from the net and put them in.

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Download 'kharkov_texturesets.zip' (20.88MB)


First of all unzip the package to a temp or working folder. It will unpack
3 zip files there. But you did that before you read this...

You can install Kharkov'43 in 2 ways:
-1 - as a textureset in the merciless texturesets addon.
-2 - as a separate mod to be enabled from the main menu. 

-1 - We highly recommend you to use this handy tool if you are not yet doing 
so, find it at www.bf1942files.com or www.bfcentral.com no registration
required for download. If your BF is configured with the texturesets addon 
you can simply unpack the Kharkov43.zip file to:[gamefolder]\mods\bf1942\.
This part contains the ground textures and the loading screen.

Now you unzip the Texturesets.zip included in the package to:

Now you should amend your init.con file which is located at:
[gamefolder]\mods\bf1942\. Open it with notepad and make sure that the
following line: "game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/Kharkov43/" is placed DIRECTLY 
UNDER the line "game.addModPath Mods/MC1942_TexSet/". The first 3 lines of 
your init.con file should look like this:

game.setCustomGameName BF1942
game.addModPath Mods/MC1942_TexSet/
game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/Kharkov43/

Now save init.con and start the game. The eastern front at Kharkov has 
a whole new atmosphere...

-2- If we cannot convince you to use the texturesets addon or you have 
other good reasons not to use it but still want to see our gfx conversion you
simply unpack the Kharkov43.zip to [gamefolder]\mods\. Unzip the Non_Texturesets.zip 
to [gamefolder]\mods\ as well. It will put the texture.rfa and background in the 
right place. 

Now you can activate Kharkov'43 in the main menu of the game. 


Myopic Zaitsev's credits, kudos and caveats:

MMM, for the exquisite treat of letting me try his patience, my dad 
for the loan of his books and dorogaja Dana for the remaining rudiments of 
the Russian language.

To all history buffs and assorted pedants: this texture pack is a blend 
of historical research and our own creative judgment - do not expect to 
see our vehicles or uniforms documented widely. For my part information 
gathering has been guided by a sense of what would look good in the game 
whilst retaining sufficient authenticity by my standards. If you like it, 
be most welcome - I hope it will enhance your gaming experience. If you 
don't, well, there's other custom packs available - but why then are you 
playing a game where Japanese infantry tote Sturmgewehre in the first 
place, eh ;-)~ ?


You can contact us at: [email protected]

And remember:
"This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end.
But maybe this is the end of the beginning."
Winston Churchill, 1942.


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