--==Killah==--'s Waffen SS Winter Camouflage

From the readme: This skin was designed to represent the winter camouflage used by the Waffen SS.

A very nice skin indeed...


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From the readme:

This skin was designed to represent the winter camouflage used by the Waffen SS.

A very nice skin indeed :)

Now Battle Of the Bulge will be twice as hard ;)

Here's a bigger pic:


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Download 'killahs_snowcamo.zip' (818KB)

 xxx 1942 xxx

--==Killah==--'s Waffen SS Winter Camouflage.

This skin was designed to represent the winter camouflage used by the Waffen SS.

Changed the M40 Tunic to a White Type II Tarnjacke (smock)
White trousers
Changed collar to grey.
Added "SS" collar tabs.
Winter camouflaged helmets.
Added "SS" belt buckle.
Camouflaged backpack.
Added Snowshoes.
Added Wool gloves.
Added Wool balaclava.
Added Felt boots.

I've added wool gloves to the First Person hands "Ste_hand2.dds" as well as the german soldier hands "Hand03_r.dds". To make them easy to spot, I've added these files to the "extras.zip" archive. They must be extracted to the same location as the other files should you choose to use them.

The "Ste_hand2.dds" file is used by other models. Should you choose to overwrite the default texture with this one, be advised that all models will appear to be wearing woolen gloves. If this is of concern to you, do not use those files. Should you choose to use them, you may wish to make backup copies of the originals. Use these files at your own risk.

The user accepts all liability and responsibility in the usage of the accompanying texture files.

DO NOT publish any modifications to any of the accompanying texture files or package these textures as part of your mod, addon or TexturePack without first contacting me.

 TO USE THESE FILES (The easy way)

Feel free to use these texture files on your personal machine or share them with friends.

To most easily use these files in the BF1942 1.2 Retail version, you must already have installed the Merciless Creations Historic addon, which installs TextureSets folders, or the Merciless TextureSets standalone addon.

They're available at http://www.bf1942files.com and listed on the Merciless Download Index at http://www.bf1942files.com/file.stuff?body=MercilessCreations

Use TextureSets, and spare yourself the annoyance of RFA extracting. No other software is required and you'll be up and running in minutes.

When you've installed the Merciless TexureSets addon:

Extract these files to the appropriate map specific folder. For example, use Windows Explorer to navigate to your Battle_of_the_Bulge TextureSet folder.

If you've completed a default game installation to your C:>\ drive, you'll find the folder at: "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\BF1942\Batlle_of_the_Bulge"

Drag the .dds files to the Battle_of_the_Bulge folder then close the Explorer window and Winzip.

Run the game!

 TO USE THESE FILES (The hard way)

To use these files in the Retail version, you'll need Moseley's RFA Extractor to unpack the Refractor Flat Archive (textures.rfa).

If you haven't already, download it at http://www.bf1942files.com

Note: RFA Extractor requires Microsoft's .net Framework update to run. 

Download it at:

After installing the .net Framework (SDK) you may need to download the msvcr70.ddl and mscoree.dll files. Get 'em at: www.dll-files.com , unzip and copy to your Windows/system folder.


Use RFA Extractor to uppack your "Archives/texture.rfa" file to the main game directory "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942" RFA Explorer will automatically create the "texture" folder when you unpack.

Remove/Rename the original texture.rfa archive to a safe place outside the Battlefield 1942 directory.

You should now have the following directory structure:

texture <-- Here's your new folder


Extract the included .dds files from the .zip archive to
"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\texture".

* Overwrite the existing textures or move them to a safe location prior to extracting these files.

Run the game!



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