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New Features in Beta 2 - New Monster Truck thats bigger, has an updated style and Bazooka in back of the tru...


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New Features in Beta 2 - New Monster Truck thats bigger, has an updated style and Bazooka in back of the truck for shooting (and balance ;) ).

- New Zeppelin Skin.

- New Cow Chucking Tractor Vehicle that launches TNT strapped Cows. Hamburgers are emitted after cow has exploded on the ground. (Lots of Fun =D )

- The Teams have been changed to Pirates Vs. Ninjas.

- All the Classes have been renamed.

- A New "Killer Commando" Class. Has A "Uber" knife which does mega damage to anything, plus a rocket jetpack that emits a colored smoke trail according to your team.

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Download '' (7.94MB)

Extact the zip file into your mods directroy (Usually C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods). Load up Battlefield 1942 and hit the 'Custom Game' button and activate the Killer Commando mod.

The Mod Only Works for El Alamein and Gazala at the moment. To play mod, simply start a Single-Player or Multi-Player server on either El Alamein or Gazala.

Known Issues (i.e. bugs)
Some Vehicle Icons are screwed up and not imported after all the final skinning took place. We were in a rush to hurry it out the door for all the fans.

There is a LOD Problem with the Uber knife that we were to lazy to fix.

Blimps imediately float into the air when they spawn. Better hop in quick! Most of the blimp code was borrowed from CEMOD, we have not found a way to get it to work right in this mod (it is probaly a problem with the KC blimp's collision mesh)

The Monster Truck's self destruct button does not blow up the monster truck when Friendly Fire mode is off.

The dragon is not skinned do to lack of time (and interest)

Borrowed Stuff
The KillerCommando Class Logo is borrowed from a Cartoon off of titled "STFU N00b".

Props go to the following codez0rz...

Codename Eagle Mod ( Blimp Copter code, portions of flamethrower code
Desert Combat ( Mig29 Engine
Bf1942 forums ( nitro code (forgot the name of original author)

The monster truck is from the Chilli Skinner Tutorials. See for an awesome unwrapping tool for 3ds MAX!

Thanks for the great code guys, it saved us some time!

Thanks also to the mod tool development community!

Contact Information (+ Flames)
IRC Channel - - #KillerCommandoMod

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