King of the Island

A small, king-of-the-hill style map for BF1942. Supports Conquest, Coop, and SP.


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A small, king-of-the-hill style map for BF1942. Supports Conquest, Coop, and SP.

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King of the Island
a Battlefield 1942 map by


This map is based on my JeepRacing map, 'Carrier Drag JeepRace'.  I've taken out the carriers and the centerpiece is now the cool little islands that were in the background as you raced.

Both the USMC and IJN start by paradropping onto the island.  The spawnpoints move in a circle around the island and are always opposite each other (if one is at the south then the other is at the north etc etc you get the idea...).  You have to capture and hold the main island.  If you stay out of the cap radius for more than 5 seconds then the flag will grey itself, so don't stray too far ;)

There's also a few custom skins in the map.  I never really like the BAR and Thompson skins, so they got an overhaul.  The Colt is also now a shiny silver-ish, the Type 99 is a more sinister black, and the P-38 has lost its reddish tinge.  Feel free to use these skins in your own mods and whatnot but give credit where credit is due :)

SP support is included, recommended amount of players is 10-12.


Move 'King_of_the_Island.rfa' to your levels directory, in my case:

C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield 1942 -> Mods -> bf1942 -> Archives -> bf1942 -> levels


Don't take credit for it, that's not very nice.

If this busts your computer in any way, I'm not responsible.  Sorry, but it was your decision to put it on your comp.


Weeeeeeell...EA/Dice really, for making the game.  That's about it.


Any problems, suggestions, or comments email me at:

russian_comrade AT hotmail DOT com

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