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Dedication This skin is dedicated to Joseph O. Tobul, former owner of the original Korean War Hero. Joe a...


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Dedication This skin is dedicated to Joseph O. Tobul, former owner of the original Korean War Hero. Joe and his son, Jim, purchased the plane in 1981 and began a ten-year restoration process, calling on many of the plane's former pilots for assistance. When restoration was completed, the plane quickly became known as one of the best and most accurate Corsair restorations in the world. Sadly, Joe and his plane were both lost in an accident in November 2002. During a flight to honor war veterans in South Carolina, Joe's engine failed suddenly. Realizing he couldn't reach the landing strip, Joe turned away from the landing site to avoid crashing into a cluster of houses nearby. The plane instead crashed into a nearby forest. Joe died in the crash and subsequent fire.

For more on Joe and his plane, and to donate to the Joseph Oliver Tobul Memorial Fund, please visit http://www.koreanwarhero.com.

~~~~ Info ~~~~ This skin is my first attempt at skinning anything. Personally, I think it turned out pretty good. This is version 1.0; I'll be editing it and updating pretty soon. Unfortunately, there are several problems with skin mirroring; compare the pictures on Joe's site to the actual skin and you'll see what I mean. If you have any suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to e-mail or IM me. And by the way, I realize that this is a Korean War Corsair, not a WWII Corsair, and I also realize that some of you may want something more historically accurate. In the coming months I will revise the skin to fit a WWII 1942 profile, and post it as a seperate file with a different name.

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Download 'kwh_1942.zip' (832KB)

To install this skin, you'll need the RFA extractor or the Merciless Creations TexturePack addon.  I recommend the Merciless addon; it creates a folder with subfolders for each map, and all you need to do is click and drag to install your skins.  It also adds support for their TexturePacks, which are collections of skins that re-skin an entire level for historical accuracy and better graphics overall.  Both can be found at www.bf1942files.com, which you should be at already considering that's the only site I uploaded this to.  

I never could get the skins to work using the RFA extractor, and I don't want to send out misinformation, so I'll just tell you how to use the TexturePack addon.  It's an installer file, so getting it set up is pretty easy.  Once it's installed, there will be a folder titled "TextureSets."  Click that, then click BF1942.  You'll have folders for all the maps.  Copy and paste (or click and drag) the skin into all the Pacific folders, and you're good to go.

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