LCVP Berlin2.0

-LCVP BERLIN 2.0- by Soldier6644 aka -=|F|sondalo|F|=- fka -=|F|Gen. Hidalgo|F|=-

This map is basically just Berlin with the water...


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-LCVP BERLIN 2.0- by Soldier6644 aka -=|F|sondalo|F|=- fka -=|F|Gen. Hidalgo|F|=-

This map is basically just Berlin with the water raised up. How much more simple can it get? Well, I did add some MG's into some buildings, and set the sky to night, and changed the fog settings to more "nighty" settings. I also added a paratrooping spawnpoint for the Russians... from about 200 meters up!

But that's not the fun in this map. This map includes the "LCVP Deluxe," which is the product of some childish imagination. The [LcvpDx] (as it is shown in-game) still has the six seats of a normal LCVP, but there is no more machine gun, and the second and sixth seat are switched. The sixth seat is now a Katyusha-type rocket launcher. It's time for some explosive fraggin...

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Download '' (8.47MB)

Pop this into your mods\bf1942\archives\levels\ folder. Tada! You can overwrite older versions of this map safely.

----------- Forums (for alotta help, and the "nighty" effect!)
Madbull (for his editor!)
[TGB] Capt. Walsh (for testing!)
[TGB] 2Lt. Kilgore (for testing!)

Contact me about this map at [email protected] for any comments, questions, and so on.
*NOTE* [email protected] is strictly for my clan or mapping/modding/etc. If you want to e-mail me about something other than that, use my [email protected] e-mail address, which is my MSN Messenger e-mail, for anything BF1942/MOHAAS related, or my [email protected] e-mail, which is a no-real-category inbox. 

[Wow, you're still reading! Here are some bonus hints and tips for your time.]
-This isn't just a water-based map; try going inside buildings through half-submerged windows.
-If, by chance, you come across a set of stairs, to go up them, you must walk up the banister.
-You might come across LCVPs without rockets on them. They are immobile, and in this version, you cannot climb up into them.
-There is a "secret ledge" somewhere in the map, complete with MG42s. It is "secret" because by the look of it, it seems you cannot use the MG42s.
-I hope you like the Russian Sniper Spot.

-Add/fix static LCVPs so you can climb inside of them.
-Add more machine guns.
-Change the paratrooping spawnpoint so you don't fall from so high.
-Anything else you suggest.

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