M3A1 Ambulance / Ammo Carrier

What I wouldn't give to see one of these rolling toward me after a hard battle!!! This Mod makes the M1A3 APC into a sort of Ambulance/Armo...


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What I wouldn't give to see one of these rolling toward me after a hard battle!!! This Mod makes the M1A3 APC into a sort of Ambulance/Armory, and its range extends some 10 meters!!



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Download 'm3a1_ambulance.zip' (1.05MB)

BF1942 Weapons Modification (by Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider)

M3A1 Ambulance / Ammo Carrier
(no more APC)
No more poor medical treatment and general shortage of ammunition on the battlefield!
Medics carrying heavy automatic weapons seem to be more interested in capturing flags or 
spawncamping on Allied airfields while their brave comrades are left wounded on the battlefield 
without proper medical treatment ... so I heard 
And you need ammo to fight the enemy ;-)


M3A1 Ambulance & Ammo Carrier Features:

- Heals and supplies ammo within a radius of 10 metres (soldiers don't have to enter the vehicle)
- Vehicle ammo supply
- Two seats (driver & gunner)
- Browning gunner position lowered (good for his health)
- Driver can open/close all three doors (using the Arrow up/down keys like in the landing craft)*
- No seats in the back - the bed is for lethally wounded soldiers who need to be taken to hospital
- Big ammo box for almost unlimited ammo supplies
- Red Cross camouflage (US & British Forces) - meant to confuse the enemy

Two new skins (Africa camouflage and Europe). Installing the modified textures is optional.

* Rear door mechanism by Blarno. Very well done.


This package contains:
- Readme
- Objects_882.rfa
- Texture_882.rfa

This install is meant for gamers who don't have their .RFA Archives extracted.
Place Objects_882.rfa and Texture_882.rfa in your "Archives" folder in your main BF1942 directory
(e.g. C:\Games\Battlefield 1942\Archives\ - the same directory where the Objects.rfa and Texture.rfa are stored)


This Mod is Single Player only, doesn't work on MP servers (unless the same Mod is installed there).

If you wish to "uninstall" this little tweak or connect to a MP server, just rename "Objects_882.rfa" to 
"M3A1-Ambulance-RFA.BAK" or move it to another folder on your machine. 
All the "technical" changes disappear, you still keep your modified textures. :-)

Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider

Try my "Snyder's Planes with Rockets 1.1", my Hanomag AA, Hanomag AT (2 cm), Hanomag AT 75 or
my Chrome Messerschmitt / Chrome MP40 skins at www.bf1942files.com or at www.bfcentral.com.

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