M7 Priest

This Add Decals ot the M7 Priest, nice job :thumbsup:



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This Add Decals ot the M7 Priest, nice job :thumbsup:


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Download 'm7priest.zip' (1.11MB)


Thank you for downloading my new skin for Battlefield 1942.

(I'm assuming everyone has downloaded the RFA EXtractor and etc...)

1. Rename the .dds files you are replacing as ".old" in your texture directory.

2. Download the files into c:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\texture

3. Launch your game and have fun!

                             ~M7 Priest~

As promised many moons ago, here is a more authentic looking Priest skin.  Since many Priest skins lack any real distinguishing markings, I added the 10th Battalion (29th FA) insignia to the sides.  I also altered the white star marking to the star with circle logo.  The camouflage pattern is the same from my M10 Wolverine skin, but I replaced the brown color with a light black.


bile@zoomtown.com  <---Offer ideas on what skins you'd like to see next!
http://home.fuse.net/ninthgate   <----SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!

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