Manhatten Project (1.2)

Fastlight's "Manhatten Project" An atomic bomb mod!!

Hey all this is my very first mod, and fo...


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Fastlight's "Manhatten Project" An atomic bomb mod!!

Hey all this is my very first mod, and for being as small as it is it took me forever to do. Anyways I decided BF42 needed an atomic bomb to have some fun with. So what i did was;I turned up the B-17 Bomb's blast radius and also turned up its effectiveness. The B-17 also get a little hit point bonus, so it wont blow itself up. The down side is you only get 2 bombs starting out, and a very slow reload time. *Caution* BE careful on the Bocage map:) Remeber this mod will have updates to come such as adding b-17 to both sides and have the B-17 on everyflyable map. Also eventually i will give the B-17 a little more speed and a new skin. I just decided that i would get this part out to see how people feel about the mod, and will give in their input too.

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1. Extract the Init.con and objects.rfa into your Battlefield 1942/Mods folder (ex. c:\games\Battlefield 1942\Mods)
2. Start game and activate as you would any other mod. 
   Multiplayer,Custom Games,Manhatten_Project,Activcate
3. Go have a huge kill count!!!


1. Delete the Manhatten_Project folder in the Mods folder

Mod by Fastlight
Alpha testing done by me and a few [506th]clan members
Special thanks to Com.Rommel, and Lt.Wade

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