Merciless 1942 1.6



The wait is finally over, Merciless 1942 1.6 is ready for download and quality action awaits you...

We hope you enjoy campaigning across the NEW battlefields of Merciless Creations Version 1.6.



**First please remove All previous version of Merciless from your Battlefield 1942 folder.**

Here is a list of some of the changes since MC1942 V4.1.4:

- New Textures for all original 1942 Maps 

- Updated Textures for already released Free EA maps

- New loaderscreen for Liberation of Caen

- New Loaderscreen for Invasion of the Philippines

- Fixed loaderscreen for Operation Market Garden

- Fixed loaderscreen for Iwo Jima

- Improved AI for Coral Sea

- Improved AI for Aberdeen

- Improved AI for Barbarossa

- New AI for Liberation of Caen

- New AI for Invasion of the Philippines

- Fixed "Mount Suribayachi" to "Mount Suribachi" radio commands in Iwo Jima

- Large Canadian flag for uncap base on Liberation of Caen

- New easy-to-use switcher for pure/unpure servers

- Winter conversion of Stalingrad

- Winter conversion of Kharkov

- Updated MC map with AI: Kasserine Pass

- New map with AI: Truk

- New MC Game launcher

If you have any problems or questions, please visit us at the Forums…link Available at the end of page..

We know you will enjoy playing, and exploring Merciless Creations Detailed update for Battlefield1942.

Play it the way it was meant to be played...Mercilessly!

Merciless Development Team

Please visit us at our Forums for any help you need, or to find out information on:

MCSP (The ultimate Single player conversion for Battlefield 1942.)

Link to our Forum at : http://www.mercilesscreations.com

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