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Coming Soon to a download server near you!

DivX v5.03 (or better) Codec is required to view this content. Get it here

To help slake your unquenchable thirst for action, here's a trailer that shows some of the changes we've made for version 4 of our famous Merciless Creations Historic mod. MC1942 v4.0 will literally knock your socks off. Just a few of the changes we've implemented include support for the Road to Rome expansion pack, all new loader screens, all new SoundFX, ShrapnelFX and, of course the inclusion of our famous BloodFX.

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    ========   Merciless 1942 v4.0 Teaser   =========


We do not promote any actions or beliefs of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. This TexturePack was designed to provide Battlefield 1942 players with 100% true historic country symbolism. If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery, then you as the user, assume full responsibility, risk and liability, legal or otherwise, associated with the use of these files.

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With MC1942 v4.0, you'll enjoy an increased sense of realism and excitement that'll keep you coming back for more.

If you have questions relating to our addons, advice, ideas, bug reports or just want to get the scoop on what we're up to, be sure to check out our project forums at or visit our website at

Using These Files

DO NOT publish any portion of this movie or alter it without first contacting us:


*Special Thanks to Dietrich, BlackCat_UK, Js0 and the entire Beta Crew for your input, suggestions, tireless dedication and fervent support.

Merciless Creations reserves the right to review and approve their inclusion in any and all mods, texture sets and skin packs.

Copyright Ā©Merciless Creations 2002

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