Merciless BOB TexturePack v1.0 (FINAL)

Want more snow in Battle of the Bulge? Get this TexturePack. Screen Shots Need a fix for MC1942 and the 1.3 patch/Road to Rome expansi...


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Want more snow in Battle of the Bulge? Get this TexturePack.

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Need a fix for MC1942 and the 1.3 patch/Road to Rome expansion pack? Check out our Installation FAQ's.

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========   Merciless Creations BOB TexturePack -  Version 1.0   =========


We do not promote any actions or beliefs of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. This TexturePack was designed to provide Battlefield 1942 players with 100% true historic country symbolism. If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery, then you as the user, assume full responsibility, risk and liability, legal or otherwise, associated with the use of these files.


In order to use this installer, you must already have installed either the 
<a href="">Merciless Creations TextureSets addon </a> or <a href="">Merciless Historic addon v3.7</a> (Installs BloodFX and TextureSets)

If you've already downloaded and installed the Merciless TextureSets addon, unzip this addon and run the installer. That's all there is to it.

Look for other Merciless Creations releases <a href="">here</a>.

In an effort to add to the realism in the Battle of the Bulge map, Prowlinger and I have added additional snow to buildings, equipment and, where required, winter camouflage to German vehicles. Where possible, many of the default vehicle markings/insignia have been added or improved. Their placements have been changed to more closely represent where they would have been in reality.

This is NOT a complete Europe texturepack, we have only changed textures required in the Battle of the Bulge map.

NOTE: No snowmen were harmed in making this addon. 


The Battle of the Bulge which lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945 was the largest land battle of World War II in which the United States participated. More than a million men fought in this battle including some 600,000 Germans, 500,000 Americans, and 55,000 British. The German military force consisted of two Armies with ten corps(equal to 29 divisions). While the American military force consisted of a total of three armies with six corps(equal to 31 divisions). At the conclusion of the battle the casualties were as follows: 81,000 U.S. with 19,000 killed, 1400 British with 200 killed, and 100,000 Germans killed, wounded or captured.

Textures included in this Texture set.

--==Killah==--'s 2nd Infantry Division "Warriors" Uniform Reskin.

This reskin was designed to represent the M1943 uniforms worn by members of the 2nd Infantry Division.

Added M1943 olive drab uniform.
Added "Indian head" arm insignia
Added netting to helmets.
Added lace up russet red boots.

Unit History

As part of the build up for Operation Overlord, the Normandy invasion, the 2d Inf. Div. was transferred from Fort Sam Houston to Ireland in October 1943. On June 7, 1944, D Day +1, the division stormed ashore at bloody Omaha Beach. While other units were stalled by the determined German resistance, the Indianheads blasted through the hedgerows of Normandy. After a fierce, 39-day battle, the 2d Inf. Div. took the vital port city of Brest, which was liberated on Sept. 18, 1944. From positions around St. Vith, Belgium, and throughout the Battle of the Bulge, the 2nd Inf. Div. held fast, preventing the enemy from seizing key roads leading to the cities of Liege and Antwerp. Resuming the offensive on Feb. 6, 1945, the division joined the race to annihilate the fleeing Wehrmacht.

Prof. Stephen Ambrose, the preeminent WWII historian in the U. S. wrote an article on the Bulge for the Military History Quarterly in which he said: the north, between Monschau and Losheim, the U.S.99th Inf. Div., newly arrived in Europe, and the 2nd Inf. Div....did not simply delay the German advance but stopped it along the critical point of the whole battle, Elsenborn Ridge. The low ridge...was the main objective of Sepp Dietrich's 6th Panzer Army. Elsenborn(Ridge) was the Little Round Top of the battle. Dietrich drove his units mercilessly, but he could not take it. In the vast literature of the Battle of the Bulge, Elsenborn Ridge always yields pride of place to the far more famous action Bastogne. Everyone knows about the 101st Airborne at Bastogne; almost no one knows even the names of the 99th and 2nd Infantries. Yet it was along Elsenborn Ridge...that these two ordinary infantry divisions, largely out of touch with their commands, outnumbered 5 to 1 and worse, outgunned and surprised, managed to stop the Germans in their main line of advance. The Germans never did take the Ridge.

I would like to stress that the above text is not meant to belittle the achievements of all the other units involved, such as the 106th 'Golden Lions' Inf.Div., 1st 'Big Red One' Inf.Div., the 14th Cav.Grp., etc. 

*1 source: (without permission)

--==Killah==--'s Waffen SS Winter Camouflage.

This skin was designed to represent the winter camouflage used by the Waffen SS.

Changed the M40 Tunic to a White Type II Tarnjacke (smock)
White trousers
Changed collar to grey.
Added "SS" collar tabs.
Winter camouflaged helmets.
Added "SS" belt buckle.
Camouflaged backpack.
Added Snowshoes.
Added Wool gloves.
Added Wool balaclava.
Added Felt boots.

German Vehicles

The Panzer IV, Wespe, Tiger and Hanomag all have winter camouflage (whitewash) and snow/frost along with 1st SS Divisional insignia (double crossed keys and oak leaves)

*Applied the "kills" markings to the cannon barrel on the Tiger.
*Wespe now has the Nazi flag atop. A practice which was quite common in WWII.
*Kubelwagon also has snow/frost applied to finish out the set.

Allied Vehicles

The Priest, Sherman, M10 Wolverine, M3APC all have snow/frost along with Divisional markings. (Since there were a mix of tank battalions and Divisions (10th, 4th, ect.), I've not made them specific.)
*The Willys GP has also had snow/frost added.

Using These Files

This Texture set will work with the Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. If you have patched your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

Feel free to use these texture files on your personal machine or share them with friends.

DO NOT publish any modifications of the uniform or vehicle textures without first contacting me at

I and Merciless Creations reserve the right to review and approve their inclusion in any and all mods, texture sets and skin packs.

Copyright ©Merciless Creations 2002

Special thanks to Prowlinger for all your help, for your keen eye, smileys when I needed 'em, for asking the tough questions, your insight, professionalism, for always going the extra mile and for your dedication. Working with you has been one of life's rare pleasures.


"We Mod Mercilessly"

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