Merciless Bocage TexturePack v1.0

The much anticipated Bocage TexturePack v1.0!

New tri-colour camouflage Axis armour and Flak 38 New JG27 bf109 New Chrome "Bluenose" M...


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The much anticipated Bocage TexturePack v1.0!

New tri-color camouflage Axis armour and Flak 38 New JG27 bf109 New Chrome "Bluenose" Mustang New Allied and Axis uniforms Removed the canopy from the M3APC


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 xxx 1942 xxx

    ========   Merciless 1942 Bocage TexturePack -  Version 1.0   =========


We do not promote any actions or beliefs of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. This  TexturePack was designed to provide Battlefield 1942 players with 100% true historic country  symbolism. If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or  distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery, then you as the user, assume full responsibility,  risk and liability, legal or otherwise, associated with the use of these files.

Although we strive to achieve historic accuracy, due to texture mirroring and mapping restrictions, we're forced to omit or modify some markings. Do not assume that the textures contained in this addon are 100% correct.


In order to use this installer, you must already have installed the Merciless Creations  TextureSets addon or Merciless Historic addon (V3.6 or better) available at, or

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Although this map would have been more accurate with the inclusion of British forces, we've opted to utilize the US soldier models and equipment originally set by DICE.

Following the Allied landings in Normandy between June 11-15, 1944, fighting pressed on through France into small fields and pastures ringed by dense, tangled shrubbery; The so-called "Bocage".

Each of them constituted a natural fortification and killing ground. In addition, the overarching trees and foliage sheltering the rural lanes enabled German commanders to move men and supplies with relative impunity from Allied resistance. Any large, open areas were easily defended. 

The legendary armored engagement in which a lone Tiger tank (commanded by Michael Wittmann) destroyed an entire column of British armor, took place during the 7th Armoured Division's foray into Villers-Bocage.

Textures included in this Texture set.

--==Killah==--'s "Big Red One" 1st Infantry Division Uniform Reskin.

This reskin was designed to represent the M1941 uniforms worn by members of the US 1st Infantry Division, the "Big Red One".

Where possible, I've corrected the colors and pattern of the webbing, belt and backpacks to simulate wool/cotton canvas.

--==Killah==--'s Waffen SS M40 uniform reskins.

This reskin is meant to represent the Blurred edge camouflage uniform used by the Waffen SS.

*Trousers are now feldgrau.
*Backpack has been changed to feldgrau.
*Camouflage colors have been darkened on tarnjacke and helmets.
*The Medic does not require a camouflage helmet.

German Vehicles/Guns

Applied tri-color camouflage to Wespe, Kubelwagon, Hanomag and Flak cannon.
Replaced Wespe canopy with camouflage netting.
Added Spare tread racks to sides and Nazi flag to hood of Hanomag.

--==Killah==--'s  Messerschmitt Bf 109(*G) of Jagdgeschwader (JG) 27

On 6 June 1944 the Allies landed in Normandy, and that evening the IV./JG 27 was sent to the Invasion front. The Gruppe set up at Champfleury-la-Perthe. From there, its Bf 109G-G's flew over the Caen sector.

*Although the game mesh is that of the BF109-E, I've removed the rear wing struts in an attempt to simulate the BF109-G.

--==Killah==--'s Zimmerit Tiger 1

Added 12th SS Panzer Div. insignia.
Added Zimmerit coating.
Added tri-color camouflage.
Added authentic spare tread to lower front armour.
Added authentic spare tank tread to side of turret.
Changed numbers and their location on turret. (May not be correct)
Replaced default tread with authentic tread pattern and transparency. (again)

--==Killah==--'s Zimmerit Camouflaged PanzerIV

Added 12th SS Panzer Div. insignia.
Added zimmerit coating.
Added tri-color camouflage.
Added transparency to default tank tread.

Allied Vehicles

Slight cosmetic changes have been made to the M10 Wolverine, Sherman and Priest and we've removed the canopy on the M3APC.

--==Killah==--'s "Bluenose" P-51 Mustang ver.1c (Chrome)

This skin was designed to represent the 487th Fighter Squadron also known as the "Bluenose Bastards of Bodney".

*At the request of many, This skin has been enhanced with a slight chrome appearance.  You must enable environmental mapping in your video options to see it. This version is only available in this TexturePack, so if you thought the first one was cool, you're gonna love this one.

Using These Files

This Texture set will work with the Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. If you have patched  your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a  newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

Feel free to use these texture files on your personal machine or share them with friends.

DO NOT publish any modifications of any textures without first contacting us:


*Special Thanks to Dietrich and Hate Dan for your input, suggestions and tireless decication in researching this project.

Merciless Creations reserves the right to review and approve their inclusion in any and all  mods, texture sets and skin packs.

Copyright ©Merciless Creations 2002

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