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Author's note (Prowlinger): If you are getting the Error executing file. (#1, Line 1) at the end of the install... DO NOT PANIC! Thi...


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Author's note (Prowlinger):

If you are getting the Error executing file. (#1, Line 1) at the end of the install... DO NOT PANIC! This was the install of the old Texturepacks and I forgot to remove this. Don't worry... you have all the texturepacks now preloaded before this error. It is just a simple bug at the end of the installer... when you play OMG, BOB, Wake, Omaha, CoralSea, or Midway you should have our TexturePacks already working.

Also the auto MC configurator was not included in this release do to not getting it coded in time. If you use the old 4.0 one you may run into problems.

It's here folks, the latest version of Merciless Creations Addon!

For those that have been living under a rock for the past half year, Merciless 1942 is a client-side add-on which will cosmetically make your Battlefield 1942 100% historically accurate.

Here's the huge new feature / fixes list, do note however that this addon / mod won't work on PURE servers!

New Features:

  • FULL Compatibility with the official Dice/EA patch 1.4
  • New audio for BAR,MP18,MP40,BROWNING,TYPE99,DPMG guns
  • New audio for missing plane idle sound
  • New audio for all planes and plane weapons
  • New audio for bazooka / panzershrek (true sound)
  • Audio refinements for all tank coding
  • New audio replacement for siren and Willy horn on Battle of Britain map
  • New loader screens for Battle of Britain and Barbossa map
  • New texture change for Battle of Britain (added Cliffs of Dover)
  • First new 'official' Merciless 1942 Map - Barbossa - Russia vs. Germany from GLOBAL CONFLICT . NET
  • New texture uniform on Germans on Operation Market Garden
  • New texture enhancements of European Buildings of Operation Market Garden
  • Removed all medic helmets from all maps (for balance and realism)
  • New Wake texturepack (alot of amazing work here)
  • New carrier texture on Coral Sea for the Japanese
  • New JU88A authentic audio
  • New plane shell casing FX added to machine guns of all fighter planes from the RealPlane mod
  • Added in enhanced Single Player AI and AI flight code dynamics from the RealPlane mod
  • New battleship/artillery audio
  • Complete removal of the TextureSets/TexturePacks 'open texture design'
  • Recompiled all TexturePacks per map to date and are included in the core MC1942 v.4.1.4 release!
  • Easy design to allow [low end system] players getting lag or slow down to remove the sound/object code for a speed boost
  • New icon added for "Merciless 1942 Maps" to the server listing
  • New ALLIED vs AXIS miniflags added to the thumbnail previews on map choice screen
  • New shellwhine artillery FX sounds added!
  • New audio for lofting when falling while parachuting (unopened)
  • New Corsair "Whistle of Death" sound coded and complete
  • New bomb audio for planes
  • Added new code to folley and bullet "whiz" sounds
  • Fixed missing bayonette and AT gun (RTR) damage code
  • Complete case shellings falling from aircraft (bombers do not apply) from their machine guns.
  • New Artillery/Battleship audio.
  • New JU88a authentic audio.
  • New Willy (UK) horn audio.
  • New Air Raid Siren (and misc announcements!) audio. (FYI - This is not brain numbing like the default one is)
  • New Cliffs of Dover retexture for the BoBR map. Now it looks right based on numerous actual comparison photos
  • New loader screen for Battle of Britain map.
  • New loader screen for Barbossa map
  • New sounds for Barbossa map
  • Allied main base text on Battle of the Bulge now fixed. You should no longer just see [ ] when calling from this location
  • Fixed the YAK9 Nosecam sound bug

Note AGAIN: This won't work on PURE servers!

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