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Once again, more Pimp than Las Vegas!

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tb8766.jpg This file has been reviewed by Sh0rD. Reach it here.

Once again, more Pimp than Las Vegas!

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Need a fix for MC1942 and the 1.3 patch/Road to Rome expansion pack? Check out our Installation FAQ's.

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MERCILESS 1942     ========   Historic Addon Version 3.7  =========

Compatibility:  This addon will work with the Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. If you have patched your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

About this addon:  This pack contains THE only 100% historic addon for 1942. Along with numerous additional gifts, you get a great customized GUI for playing 1942. This pack is 100% compatible with single player and multiplayer games. This does not contain ANY cheats or game altering modifications to 1942. It is all cosmetic changes to the GUI. Pass this on to your all of your BF 1942 buddies!

What is included in this addon:

16 Hand designed custom loader screens -They show the briefing of the battle, the battle history, the geographic location, the side and units involved, the time of day / weather and also historic propaganda posters for both opposing sides of the event or occuring time period.

100% Accurate Historic Flags in all tickets, bases, and screens. This includes single player and multiplayer screens.

Base Untakable Flags - This was changed to a full flag image. It is obvious where base owned HQ areas
are now. 

Icon changes to end game stats images - Awards and Kills. Instead of a trophy there is a golden star.  Secondly, instead of 4 arrows pointing to a soldier there is a simple crosshair. 

Bullet Loader - Changed the loader image to a bullet magazine. 

Fixed player arrow for the minimap - Will show team color and small image.

1942 Startup Movie removal

Hi Res flag textures for base flags outdoors.

Engineer Reticle changed to provide greater accuracy. This will also show when using the knife, grenade and some guns nests. 

The Flak 38 reticle has been cleaned up and darkened somewhat. Revamped the crosshair to support large flak burst aiming.

Respawn Location Icon changed - The icon on the minimap is now a bright yellow color for much easier identification of where you want to respawn to.

Long Flashing Radio Call on GUI - When players radio call in requests, their location will flash longer than the new default time. This allows for easier target identification for notifications.

Flak Cannon Sounds - Flak cannon sound was reduced in dB while actual flak bursts where increased in dB with all new accurate sounds.

Sinking Ship Alarm Sound - Increased in dB and changed to reflect more accurate sound.

BloodFX - Customized blood fx engine that shows blood particle FX (the most realistic 1942 blood ever!)

Enhanced Crosshair Reticle - Greater accuracy during gameplay.

Compatible with Merciless TextureSets addon and all future TexturePacks!

Added in new user selectable crosshair options for crosshair #1 and #2
(#1 must be changed by reinstalling the MC addon / #2 can be easily changed by running a stand alone
MC1942-Crosshair.exe file located in the \MODS\MC1942_Crosshair folder or via the menu)

Coral Sea single player mode added.

Revision History :

Version 3.7 - Added in support for Coral Sea map with new loader screen and single player / COOP play. Also added in user selectable crosshairs (from a variety of 20). Allowed default 1942 crosshair options for both crosshairs.

Version 3.6 - Fixed bugs in Installer app. Removed 3rd person InfCam slowed server performance and other issues.

Version 3.5 - Compatible with 1.2. mods design. Fixed typo on all Russia campaign loader screens. Added 3rd person camera,  long flashing radio call time, new respawn gui icon, new flak88 crosshair, new flak cannon and flak burst sounds, new sinking ship sounds. Never before seen BloodFX that actually shows particle effects on each gunshot (now you can see sniper shots a mile away). Also altered the crosshair deviation to remove vanishing during use of pistol (while you are running with main gun, crosshair will harder to see but still allow true depth perspective aiming). Fixed installer application to allow users to choose if they wish to install the BloodFX addon. If you are using any other Blood mod... please remove your current blood mod and try this BloodFX addon (we guarantee you won't be disappointed!)

Version 3.2 - Fixed typographical errors and corrected images on Bocage, Guadalcanal, Market Garden and Kursk loader screens. Added autoinstaller / uninstaller. Added correct historical swastica logos for german fighters in Africa and other campaigns.

Version 3.0 - Added 16 new loader screens. Added new textured blood and corrected end game stat images.

Version 1.0 - Everything else.

How this Mod installs:
This new 3.5 addon will be installed in its own \Mods\MC1942 folder. Be sure to remove ANY old Merciless addons prior to installing this release. Also if you have any BLOOD mod installed, please remove it to install our new BloodFX engine.  The BloodFX mod will and MUST install under the \Mods\BF1942 folder or it will not work properly. 

Issues with 1.2 that we cannot fix :

We would love to fix everything but sometimes we chose not to sacrifice changing something at the sake of breaking the ZEN-like balance of single player and multiple player games. As of right now there are some new bugs with the 1.2 patch such as the missing crosshairs in the back of planes and ships. It would be nice to fix these but right now we cannot without causing issues in safe compatibility. Please be understanding that hopefully Dice will fix this in the future patches and we cannot fix some issues at the cost of keeping everything working 100%.   

Issues with Coral Sea single player that we cannot fix :
The AI will not play effeciently on this map at most times. They will circle and circle and circle, run into each other often and rarely bomb the carriers. This single player mode was released so that everyone could at least get on the map and use it for dogfighting / bombing practice. We hope that Dice releases an official sp mode for Coral Sea, with refined AI flight code. Loader screen and compatibility for TextureSets also added.

About the BloodFX:

This addon is included with the Merciless 1942 Version 3.5 or available stand alone. This new feature took 5 days and many many many hours of painful trial and error to get just right. We hope that it makes everyone excited using it as much as it does for us. Never before has blood in 1942 looked so real with collision detection particle effects. Once you snipe an enemy from a valley away and see the blood drip off the falling corpse... well...  you will mercilessly laugh in glee....  Thanks to MDK for his initial code to help us get inspired to attempt the particle fx and his help in working with the tough undocumented scripting code.  ;)

The BloodFX addon MUST be left in the \Battlefield 1942\Mods\BF1942 folder. It cannot be placed in the \Mods folder by itself or it will not work. Thats the way it is...

Play the game! 

Check out our other downloads:

Look for other Merciless Creations releases <a href="">here</a>.

Team 'Merciless Creations' is:

Prowlinger, Lead Developer
Killah, Lead Artist

Questions / Sugestions?  Contact us at: 


"We mod Mercilessly"

If you use any images without permission, you are under Design Copyright © 2002 Merciless Creations. 
Contact me if you wish to use anything in this pack within your mod or commercial release. 

Included files from contributors as contributions and are protected under this context, the Merciless Creations logo, and the design copyright as Merciless Creations and their rights as authors of their public community designs. Merciless Creations does not take ownership of their work, but will protect their rights as original authors under this copyright umbrella under the bounds of the Design Copyright Law.

Copyright © 2002 Merciless Creations

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