Merciless Creations - Secret Weapons of WWII



This time it's the slightly eccentric Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack that gets a reality check. Although this expansion pack features plenty of experimental vehicles and equipment, our aim (as always) is to make everything feel as real as possible - and that includes the hidden Nazi UFO!

Original features Go to war like never before with your choice of up to 16 new experimental vehicles, including:

  • Horton HO 229 "Flying Wing"
  • Sherman tank with a T-34 Calliope rocket launcher
  • T95/T28 Super Heavy Tank
  • The Sturmtiger -- featuring a naval gun mounted atop a Tiger tank
  • The American AW-52 advanced fighter
  • The Wasserfall guided anti-air missile
  • The Natter rocket plane
  • Top secret German prototype Rocket Pack -- fly and fight at the same time
Seven new weapons include throwable one-shot-kill knives, the Bren light machine gun, the Auto 5 shotgun, and the Mauser K98 grenade rifle Eight new World War II campaigns, including combat missions at a V2 research facility and Hitler’s hideaway, The Eagle's Nest All-new locations offer unique Battlefield experiences, ranging from nightfall in Prague to a winter battle in Norway

Introducing British Commando and German Elite troops

Merciless features All new textures for all maps, vehicles, uniforms and weapons Hand designed custom loader screens for all Secret Weapons of WWII maps

Realistic sounds for all new weapons and vehicles

Note: This mod requires the official 'Secret Weapons of World War II' expansion pack to be installed.


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