Merciless Creations TextureSets addon v1.0 (FINAL)

Tired of waiting for RFA files, and want to install skins with drag and drop ease?

Here's your answer!


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Tired of waiting for RFA files, and want to install skins with drag and drop ease?

Here's your answer!

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========   Merciless Creations TextureSets -  Version 1.0 (FINAL)  =========


This addon can be run as a standalone or in conjunction with:

<a href="">Merciless Historic addon v3.7</a> (Installs BloodFX, TextureSets, Crosshairs, loader screens, etc.)

Check out our other downloads <a href="">here</a>.

TheTextureSets addon is very simple once you learn how it works, but this readme information can be technical and quite scary. Don't worry... We will try and explain everything  ;)

About this addon:
This pack contains a community standardized configuration for using 'map-specific textures' for all map meshes/objects (tanks, planes, infantry, uniforms, foliage, buildings, etc.)

This addon supports the default 16 maps and will allow the installer to add or remove textures for each map labeled under the mod name and then the map name.

This addon was made by modders for modders of 1942 but even non modders can use this and future texturepacks easily.  This addon is NOT a map textures altering program. This addon was designed to allow users to change any texture of any object on the map.

There is a difference between 'TextureSets for Objects/Meshes' (this addon) and 'Terrain Textures' (which requires a map editor to change).

This addon will work with the North American and European Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. 

If you have patched your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

Mod Developers, Listen Up!

Engine Structure: Here is how this is setup - every map has a customized RFA which has a specific alternative texture path set. This path is as follows: " \Battlefield 1942\TextureSets"

The default 1942 maps are listed under the "mod classification" of "\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\BF1942"

If you wish to add standardized support for your mod it is very simple to do.

First, create a new folder of the name of your mod under the \TextureSets folder.

Examples -     

"\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\ForgottenHope"   or   "\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\GiJoe" or "\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\DesertStorm"    )

For any map to allow custom textures you must have 4 things

1) A customized map RFA file placed in the "\Battlefield 1942\Mods\MC1942\archives\bf1942\levels"  folder and
2) A folder for the map under TextureSets (example: "\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\GiJoe\SnakeEye_Valley" )
3) The customized init.con file from either this addon or the Merciless 3.5 Addon that replaces or adds to the default init.con file in the "\Battlefield 1942\Mods\BF1942" folder.
4) Copies of ALL the textures from an alternative path copied into the map folder for any map BESIDES the default EUROPE tileset. (Read below)

From here on out especially with new maps... 

If the alternative textures path sets to a new folder... just make sure you have all the textures in the map textureset folder or it will revert to the Europe tileset.

Texture Campaigns and how Dice set this up -

There are 4 texture libraries, the default EUROPE, and the 3 alternative AFRICA, PACIFIC, and RUSSIA.

As a mod developer or skinner you need to be familiar with this layout. Most textures pull from the Europe texture set.. and if they were set to an alternative path such as Africa then they get overidden.

A prime example would be the Battleaxe map which uses the Africa textures.

TextureSets and how this mod opens the doors to 1942 'Map Specific Textures'

The default mod is set to BF1942 (if you are using the Merciless 1942 addon #1 or no custom mods).

The init.con file sets the \MC1942 mod to override any \BF1942 mod files if they exist. Therefore the 16 maps for the original 1942 are in the \Battlefield 1942\Mods\MC1942\archives\bf1942\levels\ folder and overide the init.con map file in each of the maps. Simple.

This addon then will work with the default SP and MP games with no issues. 

Once your 1942 has been coverted to this TextureSet mod, then you can drop in textures per map at your descretion or load in texturepacks which will come out in the future from the community.

Also for new maps coming out, using this standard, map developers can customize each map specifically the way they want it to look. If you want that P-51 to be shiney on this new map... add in the textures...  If you want all the German and Sherman tanks to have snow on this map... add in the textures.

Rules to Remember

IF there is a level RFA in the mod folder that changes the Alternative Textures Path then the game WILL look to that folder for textures. If it does not find X textures then it will DEFAULT to the BF1942 textures using the EUROPE textureset. (Remember this!) This is good for 1942 skinners but could be problematic for other non WW2 1942 mod developers.

Just remember that it will default back to the ACTIVE MOD for missing textures. Since the MC1942 mod and the BF1942 load simulatainiously, we tricked the pony.

Init.con for each map:
Future mods and maps will have the AlternativeTexturesPath =   PATH  in the init.con file. 

If this is not saved and set for future maps in the RFA, they can always be patched to allow this. This is one of the key to the future of modding the 1942 engine. We need this compatibility in the future 1942 map editors to make life easier for everyone.

This mod is very simple, yet adds complex depth to the future of 1942 mods and map specific textures.

If you wish to support this in your future mod, we encourage this highly... well this was made for you.

We will only give limited support based on the situation or mod developer seeing as this a pretty simple addon yet can cause negative results to multiple loaded mods if it is not properly configured.

We hope to see from the community modders more textures for vehicles, planes, uniforms or items, texturepacks for specific maps or scenarios especially for future 3rd party maps.

We hope that all mod developers will take the time to start designing their mod and maps using this format and standardize this \TextureSet\ModName\Map format.

It is very simple and allows the end user their freedom to change what they want if they choose to.

How this addon will install properly (what happens)

1. The addon will copy preset map RFA files to your "\Battlefield 1942\Mods\MC1942\archives\bf1942\levels".
2. Next we will uncompile the default Africa, Pacific, and Russia texture sets originally from Dice.
3. We then will proceed to copy the corresponding textureset into the predefined map folder under "\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\BF1942" .
4. After this is complete, the init.con file will open up and you must verify proper installation of this mod.
5. Lastly, all temp files are deleted. You are now ready to install any textures or texturesets at your will.
(There will be blank folders for the following maps Bocage, Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge, and Omaha Beach since these default to the Europe textureset originally.)

How this TextureSets superceeding 1.2 patch mod "flows down"
                         overrides                                       |
     Merciless 1942 RFAs  (if installed)                                 |
                         overrides                                       V
          BF1942 RFAs (original files)                   

As you can see the TextureSets will override the BF1942 RFA files as long as everything is in order. This includes future mods...

For future maps or mods just be sure to make your map.rfa (init.con that specifies the AlternativeTextures path to \TextureSets\MOD\MAP), then make the mod\map folder. Drop in your texture and that is it!                

SPECIAL THANKS to Killah for helping develop this addon, working to test it day and night plus all the other community developers out there making the 1942 mod community a real community!

Revision History :

Version 1.0 : Default map compatibility. Look for future revisions when Road to Rome is released.


Q - I have loaded this mod and my africa/russia/pacific vehicles look like europe vehicles 

A -  Be sure that the default africa/russia/pacific textures are located in the map folder you are trying to run. If you need a copy of them, be sure to rerun this installer and answer "YES" when asked "Do you need copies of the original texture sets sent to a temporary folder?"

Q -  Some of my textures are showing blank or white, how do I fix this???
A -  The texture on the object is missing. This usually happens if you load a mod and the texture file is not found. This can result from running conflicting mods or while you are developing a mod. 

Please verify your mod is loaded properly and check everything.

Q -  You included all the textures EXCEPT the original EUROPE textureset. Why???
A -  The original EUROPE textureset alone is a 80mb zipped file. It is easier to download the RFA extractor program and decompile this to a temp folder yourself (and much faster too).

Q -  Idiots keep stealing tanks/planes and teamkilling, shooting my teammates and ruining the matches online. Why???
A -  They are 'smacktards'. The only way to FIX this issue is voice your public opinion to DICE/EA on their message  forum at    Please be polite when voicing your thoughts and concerns about future  patches. They DO listen. The more people we have asking for a voting system, the more likely it is that we get it.

Q - The AI keeps kicking my butt in now with the 1.2 patch... what should I do???
A -  Thank DICE for the great AI fix and practice practice practice!

Q -  I want to mod 1942 but do not know how... can you teach me???
A -  Well... he who teaches himself to learn, learns how to teach others how to learn. Visit these websites and get into the community -

          ENJOY!    =)


"We mod Mercilessly"

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