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Merciless Standalone Crosshair selector!! mc_xhair.gif Need I say more?



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MERCILESS 1942     ========   Crosshair Selector v1.0  =========

Compatibility:  This addon will work with the Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. If you have patched your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

This utility will allow you to choose from 20 different reticules for the Engineer's gunsights.

If you've already downloaded v3.7 of the Merciless Historic addon, you don't need this file.

Extract from the .zip archive and run the installer. Run it again to change the reticule any time you want. Start your game and enjoy your new gunsights.

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Team 'Merciless Creations' is:

Prowlinger, Lead Developer
Killah, Lead Artist

Questions / Sugestions?  Contact us at: 

[email protected]

[email protected]

"We mod Mercilessly"

If you use any images without permission, you are under Design Copyright © 2002 Merciless Creations. 
Contact me if you wish to use anything in this pack within your mod or commercial release. 

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