Merciless Omaha Beach TexturePack v1.0

We've finished reskinning the final map in the ETO, Omaha Beach TexturePack v1.0!

Mud, sand, camo and more!


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We've finished reskinning the final map in the ETO, Omaha Beach TexturePack v1.0!

Mud, sand, camo and more!


Need a fix for MC1942 and the 1.3 patch/Road to Rome expansion pack? Check out our Installation FAQ's.

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    ========   Merciless 1942 Omaha Beach TexturePack -  Version 1.0   =========


We do not promote any actions or beliefs of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. This TexturePack was designed to provide Battlefield 1942 players with 100% true historic country symbolism. If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery, then you as the user, assume full responsibility, risk and liability, legal or otherwise, associated with the use of these files.

Although we strive to achieve historic accuracy, due to texture mirroring and mapping restrictions, we're forced to omit or modify some markings. Do not assume that the textures contained in this addon are 100% correct.


In order to use this installer, you must already have installed the Merciless Creations TextureSets addon available at, or

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We'd like to welcome a new member to the Merciless Creations team. Blackcat_UK has taken over the helm as our Lead Beta Tester/Tweaker Extraordinaire. Glad to have him aboard!

In addition, we've recruited a great team of Beta Testers! Welcome and thanks for your willingness to lend a hand. We appreciate your help!

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On the morning of June 6, 1944, the largest naval task force ever assembled opened fire and began the assault on Hitler's fortress Europe.  The Allied forces consisting of British, American, and Canadian troops landed at various beaches in Normandy, France codenamed Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sword, and Juno.  It was at Omaha Beach, however, that American troops met with the fiercest fighting.

The first wave of American soldiers to go ashore at Omaha Beach, consisting of the 29th and 1st Infantry Division, was met by heavy gun and mortar fire.  Throughout the landing, German gunners of the 352nd Infantry Division poured deadly fire into the ranks of the invading Americans. Bodies lay on the beach or floated in the water. Men sought refuge behind beach obstacles, pondering the deadly sprint across the beach to the seawall, which offered some safety at the base of the cliff. Destroyed craft and vehicles littered the water's edge and beach.

Slowly, and in small groups, the Americans scaled the cliffs. Meanwhile, Navy destroyers steamed in and blasted the German fortifications at point-blank range. One by one, access points were opened for the Allies.
By the time it was all over at Omaha, the Americans had suffered 2,400 casualties but they had landed 34,000 troops while the German 352nd Division lost 20 percent of its strength, suffering 1,200 casualties.

Textures included in this Texture set.

--==Killah==--'s "Blue and Gray" 29th Infantry Division Uniform Reskin.

This reskin was designed to represent the M1941 uniforms worn by members of the US 29th Infantry Division, the "Blue and Gray".

Where possible, I've corrected the colours and pattern of the webbing, belt and backpacks to simulate wool/cotton canvas.

*helmet netting has been improved
*Added 29th Infantry insignia to sleeves of tunics.
*Medic's helmet insignia has been removed on the sides and rear of helmet. Front helmet insignia has been reduced in size. 

--==Killah==--'s Wehrmacht M40 uniform reskins.

This reskin is meant to represent the M40 uniform used by the Wehrmacht during the Omaha Beach landings in June of 1944.

*Trousers and tunic are now feldgrau.
*Backpack has been changed to feldgrau.
*Reskinned MP40 ammunition cases.
*Scout has splinter camouflage helmet.
*The Medic does not require a camouflage helmet and markings have been changed to reflect the actual insignia used.

German Vehicles/Guns

Applied tri-colour camouflage to TigerI, PanzerIV and Hanomag.
Added spare tread to Tiger.
Added Spare tread racks to sides of Hanomag.
Added camouflage netting to defensive gun batteries and bunkers.
Added mud/dirt to lower hulls and fenders of Hanomag, PanzerIV and TigerI.

Allied Vehicles
Added sand/dirt to Sherman, M10 tanks, M3APC and Jeep. Added divisional markings to Sherman tank.

Using These Files

This Texture set will work with the Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. If you have patched  your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a  newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

Feel free to use these texture files on your personal machine or share them with friends.

DO NOT publish any modifications of any textures without first contacting us:

[email protected]


[email protected]

*Special Thanks to Dietrich and Hate Dan for your input, suggestions and tireless dedication in researching this project and to Blackcat_UK and the rest of the Beta crew for your time, recommendations and suggestions. 

Merciless Creations reserves the right to review and approve their inclusion in any and all mods, texture sets and skin packs.

Copyright Ā©Merciless Creations 2002

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