Merciless OMG TexturePack v1.3 (FINAL)

Version 1.3 of our TexturePack for Operation Market Garden. (FINAL)


Need a fix for MC1942 and the 1.3 patch/Road to Rome e...


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Version 1.3 of our TexturePack for Operation Market Garden. (FINAL)


Need a fix for MC1942 and the 1.3 patch/Road to Rome expansion pack? Check out our Installation FAQ's.

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 xxx 1942 xxx

    ========   Merciless 1942 OMG TexturePack -  Version 1.3 (FINAL)   =========


We do not promote any actions or beliefs of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. This  

TexturePack was designed to provide Battlefield 1942 players with 100% true historic country 

 symbolism. If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or  

distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery, then you as the user, assume full responsibility,  

risk and liability, legal or otherwise, associated with the use of these files.

Although we strive to achieve historic accuracy, due to texture mirroring and mapping 

restrictions, we're forced to omit or modify some markings. Do not assume that the textures 

contained in this addon are 100% correct.


In order to use this installer, you must already have installed the Merciless Creations  

TextureSets addon available at, or

Look for other Merciless Creations releases such as

* Merciless Historic addon
* Merciless Battle of the Bulge (BOB) TexturePack
* Merciless Bloodfx (standalone)
* Merciless TextureSets addon (standalone)


If you have questions relating to our addons, advice, ideas, bug reports or just want to get 

the scoop on what we're up to, be sure to check out our newly launched forums at or visit our website 


In an effort to add to the realism in the Operation Market Garden map, we've exchanged the  

US soldiers for British soldiers. In addition to the soldier model exchanges in Singleplayer 

 and, where possible in multiplayer mode, the voice communications have been changed to  

British as well.Many of the default vehicle markings/insignia have been added or improved. 
Their placements have been changed to more closely represent where they would have been in  

reality. We've added Allied lend-lease insignia to all Allied vehicles and Nazi flags or  

pennants to the Axis vehicles. We've also changed the B17 and Mustang textures as well.

Look for other texture changes including Nazi banners on bunkers, buildings and inside the  

church with a portrait of Hitler, Nazi war slogans, grafitti and more.

Please note that the Multiplayer soldier is determined by the server which sets it to use  

the US models. We can not make the same exchange without breaking the client-side model,   

packaging it as a mod or a custom game. The only significant difference will be the Para  

helmets, some of the web gear and some of the communications.

Operation Market Garden which lasted from September 17th to Sept 25th, 1944 is famed as the  

largest airborne attack in history. Nearly 35,000 Allied troops participated in Operation  

Market Garden. In the nine days of the operation, the number of men killed, wounded, and  

missing reached more than 17,000. British forces, with 13,226, suffered the highest number  

of casualties.

The plan was for Allied forces to cut off the defending German forces in Holland and drive  

into Germany. British armor was assigned the task of driving north 64 miles up the  

Eindhoven-Nijmegen-Arnhem road corridor and link up at the great bridge at Arnhem over the  

Rhine River. Dropping by parachute and in gliders the 1st Allied Airborne Army would land  

near the Dutch towns of Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem, to take the eight key bridges.

As it happened, the paratroopers carried out their mission of seizing the road corridor  

through Holland and secured several river crossings, including the bridge at Arnhem. Due to  

unreliable communications, poor intelligence and strong German resistance, Allied armor  

forces advancing from the south failed to link up with the paratroops as planned.

The bridge  at Arnhem could not be captured and so the advance into Germany was not 


Textures included in this Texture set.

--==Killah==--'s 1st British Airborne Division Paratrooper Uniform Reskin.

This reskin was designed to represent the M1943 uniforms worn by members of the 2nd Infantry 

 Division. There are two versions, one for Brits (Singleplayer), one for US (Multiplayer)

Added Paratrooper Denison smock
Added Paratrooper Chest Insignia
Added lace up black jump boots.
Added British webbing to US soldiers (multiplayer mode)
Added shortened and added netting/camo to US helmets (multiplayer mode)

*The British soldiers use the standard British helmet, sorry guys, you can't have it all!

--==Killah==--'s Waffen SS M40 uniform reskins.

This reskin is meant to represent the M40 uniform used by the Waffen SS.

The following changes have been made.

*Removed Chest eagle
Fixed direction of shoulder boards
"SS" Helmet insignia.
"LAH" (Liebstandarte) shoulder boards.
"SS" Collar Tabs.
Iron Cross 2nd-Class buttonhole ribbon.
Sleeve Eagle.
Improved Breast Eagle.
"SS" belt buckle
Trousers are now grey.
Wehrmacht logo replaced with "SS" logo on backpack.

German Vehicles

*Wespe new has a camouflage netting canopy.
*Kubelwagon now has Nazi Motor Corps pennant.
*Hanomag now has weathered canopy tarp, Nazi flag on hood and spare tread racks.

--==Killah==--'s Zimmerit Tiger 1

This reskin was designed to represent the Tiger 1 used by the 9th SS during their defence of 

Arnhem. The zimmerit coating was either factory or field applied and used to prevent 

magnetic mines from adhering to the hull.

Added 9th SS Panzer Div. insignia.
Added Zimmerit coating.
Added authentic spare tread to lower front armour.
Added austhentic spare tank tread to side of turret.
Changed numbers and their location on turret. (May not be correct)
Replaced default tread with authentic tread and transparency.

--==Killah==--'s Zimmerit PanzerIV

Added 9th SS Panzer Div. insignia.
Added zimmerit coating.
Changed tank number on turret. (May not be correct)
Added transparency to default tank tread.

Allied Vehicles

The Priest, Sherman, M3APC and Jeep all have Allied "lend lease" insignia (star with broken  

circle) along with red and white National markings.

--==Killah==--'s "Yoxford Boys" P-51 Mustang ver.1c (Chrome)

This skin was designed to represent the 357th Fighter Group "Yoxford Boys", 8th Air Force, 

Leiston Field, United Kingdom. The 357th Fighter Group was credited with shooting down 609 

1/2 enemy aircraft in only 15 months, a pace no other fighter group equaled.

The 357th also produced 42 Aces (pilots with five or more victories in the air), more than 

any other group

*At the request of many, This skin has been enhanced with a slight chrome appearance.  You 

must enable environmental mapping in your video options to see it. This version is only 

available in this TexturePack, so if you thought the first one was cool, you're gonna love 

this one.

Using These Files

This Texture set will work with the Battlefield 1942 Retail version 1.2. If you have patched 

 your Battlefield 1942 with patch version higher than 1.2, please check for a download of a  

newer version of this addon designed for later 1942 patches if it is available (or needed).

Feel free to use these texture files on your personal machine or share them with friends.

DO NOT publish any modifications of any textures without first contacting us:


Special Thanks to Dietrich and Hate Dan for your input, suggestions and tireless decication 

in researching this project.

Merciless Creations reserves the right to review and approve their inclusion in any and all  

mods, texture sets and skin packs.

Copyright ©Merciless Creations 2002

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