Mill Valley Single Player

Another single player map by SNIPE34. Looks pretty awesome, download it now and tell us what you think!


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Another single player map by SNIPE34. Looks pretty awesome, download it now and tell us what you think!

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-23th Oct '04-

(This file is an 'ADD-ON' and it's not from/ or the responsibility of EA Games, or DICE). Use of this file must be AT YOUR OWN RISK.

*** SINGLE PLAYER/multi map ***
Anyway to work properly, MILL_VALLEY.rfa needs to be in your...

\program files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\mods\bf1942\archives\bf1942\levels\mill_valley.rfa  DIRECTORY

Click, click, click phew.

The map should then show up in BF1942 in Single Player.

Mill Valley is two bases and two capture points.  First the two home bases of Allied/Axis both on high hills.  Then, 1/ Mill Valley.  2/ The Ridge.  If the AI captures The Ridge it's one helluva fight to get it off them (even if you parachute in there - same with Mill Valley).  If you've captured all the points except the AI's home base (tickets then begin the countdown) that is also a hard fight.  The AI puts up a good fight, which I like.
	The Mill Valley Map is an entirely new map for battlefield 1942.  If you want to modify it, do so...  Credit to me, yeah, but most of these people deserve a lot of credit:

	First the Battlecraft -> 2.1 <- map maker.  A really easy program to use.  Loved it!  Sure Battlefield's a bit retro now, but in many ways EA and DICE picked a timeless story.
	Anyway, after my first map, Big Gun Jill, the AI is now fairly easy for me to install.  The process though is long.
	Thanks again Arc d' Wraith for AI tutorials which I don't need now, but when I did need them they helped a good deal.  Thank you!
	Rexman and his Rextools, terrific!  A main component of pathmapping.  But sparce docs .-)
	A mention also for a small (127k) but very useful program DDScv.exe by Yannick &quot;Bluehair&quot; LĂ©on ( Bluehair [email protected] ) which I used to convert the  I couldn't get the thumbnail inserted using Battlecraft2.1 - probably just me, so Bluehair saved the day.  
	IRfanview I also used in the .dds process.  It converted pathmaps from .tga to .raw, resized and greyscaled them.  IRFanview also helped in the resize thumbnail process.
	Thank you also (again) DICE/EA GAmes for the moddevelopment tools that they include with the CD.
	Editor42 is becoming more useful, the more I play around with it.  Thank's Coincoin!
	BOTINATOR (puts AI Bots in maps).  Botinator is the program that got me started and it keeps me going.  Thank you, Ben!
	Last but not least, Matthew &quot;Madman&quot; Gill, like Rexman, a man of very sparce docs, but a brilliant programmer, Madman:  Thank you (and REX) for the many little useful (new DOS) programs.

Previous map: Big Gun Jill, also single player.

MILL Valley by SNIPE34, [email protected]   soon to be: [email protected]

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