Mod Collection RtR BonusPack (BugFix)



Mod Collection RtR BonusPack

Requirements: BF1942, Road to Rome and Mod Collection RtR by Recruit Snyder D/L size: ~ 3,5 MB Mod Collection RtR features and D/L: http://www.bf1942files.com/file.info?ID=11386

Many MCRTR vehicles remain untouched (all the planes), others were edited (see Readme). Three additional vehicles (two maintenance / supply vehicles and the Marder III tank hunter). The maintenance vehicles can repair all modded tanks, trucks, APCs, planes and guns from the Mod Collection RtR. AT25/Pak40 guns are also artillery guns (can fire two different types of ammo) and have less ammo - more than 200 rounds though; (additional ammo needs to be supplied by the new APC/truck). AT ammo more effective, shooting more straight. Artillery ammo does less damage than Priest/Wespe. MG damage to planes reduced - pilots live longer. The RtR MedicBox is on all maps now. Priest and M3 Grant are 4-seaters like the StuG Allies now have 4 APC types, Axis 4 different trucks. The new Allied AAGMC maintenance halftrack has 4 AA Brownings. All APC front doors can be opened (by the driver, arrow keys like in the landing craft), on two halftracks the rear door also opens. Axis smoke discharger truck has camouflage for the weapons compartment - looks like a standard truck.



BF 1942 Mod Collection RtR BonusPack

This Addon requires the Road to Rome Expansion by EA/DICE and Recruit Snyder's Mod Collection RtR.
It will NOT work with the default BF1942 game.
Get Mod Collection RtR here:


Install this .exe file to your main BF 42 Game folder ("Battlefield 1942") and run the game. Do NOT point the installer to
othe directories like "Mods" or "EA GAMES" or so.
The folder "BonusRtR" should appear in your "Mods" folder.
Select this "Mod" in the Custom Game menu ("Bonus_Collection_RtR") and thereafter choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

This BonusPack contains:

Performance Tweaks:
Due to some features in the Mod Collection RtR some players with older machines noticed slow game performance on some maps or
in certain battle situations. Therefore, I am offering this BonusPack to all who want to speed up their Mod Collection RtR.
Of course, you'll get some additional goodies.

Performance issues:

1. Smoke dischargers only on vehicles, no more bazooka/panzerschreck with smoke effects. This will reduce the overall amount of
"battle smoke" on the map. Bazooka explosion with new visual effects.

2. Smoke dischargers on vehicles: Ammo, rate of fire or reload times changed to reduce smoke. 4 vehicle types (two per side) 
with smoke dischargers.

3. Dead bodies: Will stay for a certain period but then disappear sooner than in Mod Collection RtR. Reduces number of objects 
rendered and therefore no more lag - hopefully ;-)

4. Number of vehicles and stationary guns reduced on some maps. Still there's the whole variety of modded tanks, trucks, 
planes etc. but you won't find those huge tank armadas with five M10's and six Shermans and lots of halftracks on one map.


1. Additional heavy maintenance truck for Axis (mobile repair station, can repair all modded vehicles except itself), ammo + 
medical. One MG42. Very slow.

2. Additional engineer halftrack for Allies, mobile repair station, ammo etc., with 4 AA Brownings in the turret. Slower 
than regular halftracks. (NOTE: Both repair vehicles can only be repaired by heavy tanks - M10, Tiger, T34)

3. Axis smoke discharger truck edited, now has camouflage like regular trucks, new effects.

4. Grant now with additional seats outside for two passengers (like the modded StuG). Very effective smoke discharger.

5. Priest also a 4 seater now.

6. New light artillery: The AT25/Pak40 guns also can fire artillery shells (right click). Not as powerful as the Priest/Wespe.
Ammo reduced (was 500), reload time and rate of fire edited. If you run out of ammo, call for a supply truck ;-)

7. New TankHunter: Marder III; the original Marder III had a 7.62 AT gun or the new Pak 40 7.50 cm mounted on the chassis of 
outdated tank types. My Marder III will show up on certain maps. Be careful, it's not a tank! Of course, the Marder main gun can
not fire artillery shells, you'll need a Wespe for that ;-)

Other changes:
MediBox from RtR on all maps (France, Africa, Russia, Pacific).
Number of AA guns reduced, sometimes AA gun replaced by AT gun.
Lots of vehicles/guns/weapons edited.
MG damage to planes reduced. You'll need more than two seconds to shoot down a plane with a MG (unless you're inside the 
new Allied AAGMC)
Odd Menu Background Music.

Multiplayer mode was tested on Dice Dedicated Server (Windows).

Great thanks to Moseley and Rexman for their modding tools which made modding possible. And to the BF42.com forum members & 
Beta testers.

Have fun,

Recruit Snyder

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