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The latest version of this awesome tool has been released. Download it now!

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The Battlefield 1942 Mod Launcher displays a list of all of the BF1942 modifications ("mods") on a user's computer and allows the user to start the game with that mod. Also, the program can retrieve the mod's website from the mod's init.con and launch the default web browser to that webpage. 

-Added a box that lists the selected mod’s info. This was necessary because the ListView control that I am using won’t display more than a certain number of characters. This allows you to read the long-winded description of some mods. 

-Fixed a bug with the URL checking that would exclude the URL of mods that did not include “http://” in front of their URL. 

-Changed the “Override Game Location” option to point to BF1942.EXE instead of the directory containing BF1942.EXE. This allows modders to point to the BF1942_r.EXE debugging tool as well as the normal game. 

-Changing the game location no longer requires the user to restart the program. It will now automatically refresh the mods list and allow the user to continue working. 

-Added an option where the user can specify additional command line arguments when launching the game. Examples of this would be “+hostServer 1” or “+hostServer 1 +dedicated 0”.

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