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NB PEARL HARBOR READ ME 4-29-03 Version 2.0 ...


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NB PEARL HARBOR READ ME 4-29-03 Version 2.0

2.0 BUG FIX = Fixxed Ship Sounds for Allied Destroyer Guns and Number of Airfiled Airplane Spawns (was set to only spawn 2 planes)

NB_Pearl_Harbor.rfa created by NBrigade|Vªss (aka Alex Koziol)

Thanks to: Daveski my mentor, Liquid(the mother f'ing shit times 100), g8 for help with testing this map on a closed server, Twitch with top secret shit, Scissors and Stinky for helping alpha test this map and the whole clan of Northern Brigade during the maps beta testing phases..I would also like to thank the BF42.com forum for helping make this map happen! Using perfectionist's tutorials and Applesauce's light mapping tutorial the shadows came into place :)

Theme: Pacific Theatre, Japanese vs. US ... Conquest, CTF and TDM gameplay

Map Specific Notes: US had 3 destroyers and a sub, Japs have 2 destroyers and 2 Aircraft Carriers. The destroyers have a maximum of 2 spawned per map (i.e. allies get 6 destroyers, axis get 4). The axis carriers and allies sub only spawns once per map so use them wisely Only one Japanese carrier is mobile it is the "Yama"(middle carrier), but it is much weaker then the stationary "Kami" Carrier(left carrier). The Japaneese introduce a new zero that spawns on the stationary "Kami" Japanese Carrier, it is in camo colors.

Goddies: Custom Sounds, New Zero Skin, Plenty of Axis planes and a sub base

Installation Instructions: Extract NB_Pearl_Harbor.rfa into:

"C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels" directory

(assuming you installed the game using the default locations)

Contact Info:

Nbrigade|Vªss "[email protected]"


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