Neo-Vlad: Dereliction

Creator: csab.dread



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Neo-Vlad: Dereliction

Creator: csab.dread

First off, thank you for downloading this map, which you did if you are reading this file. Below lists installation instructions and other tidbits about the map. Enjoy :)


Unzip the map into the default 1.4 BF1942 Levels folder. This folder houses the original maps such as El Alamein and Kursk.

example: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\archives\bf1942\levels

Would be the default directory to place this. Your system will probably vary though.

:::Play Notes:::

This map required version 1.4 of Battlefield 1942

Server Admins: To load custom maps on your server make sure content check is OFF. Having it on prevents play.

:::Map Notes:::

Main Based (uncappable) Axis (german) Allied (us)

Control Points (cappable - what they are at start) Mansion (axis) Sawmill (us) Farmlands (neutral) Derelict Church (neutral) Ruined Russian Base (neutral)

The premise of this map is the start of a series we at csab are working on entitled "Neo-Vlad". This is entirely fictionary at the moment (though, some future maps will be realisitc). What we were trying to achieve with this map was that if a team can't put teamwork into their head on public servers, this forces them to work together. This is more prevelant with the Church Spawn. I won't go into details, but instead let you find out for yourself.


If you need to contact us (i.e you find an odd bug we missed) drop us a line on our forums in the MAP section. Thank you and hope you enjoy it.

:::Thanks to:::

All the testers that helped me out on this map

=HPSF=mrsleep mtdew csab.slice csab.xMorph =HPSF=Nirelyn Sgt. Milla

And a host of others.

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