New Explosive Sounds

20.01.2002 Explosive Sounds by Gunslinger Special thx goes to KiKin for his support.

Hi community,

first i have to apolo...


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20.01.2002 Explosive Sounds by Gunslinger Special thx goes to KiKin for his support.

Hi community,

first i have to apologize for what was going on last week. I was in my holidays and asked a friend to answer all your questions and postings. Unfortunately his stupid behaviour was unacceptable and not planed. I will never again let others speak for me because i don't want to lose my name. Explosive Sounds is a new version of HAD 1.22, i decided to remame it for a new beginning. The soundmod community is working together to ensure high quality releases and thats why we are using many known soundeffects from each other, thats evolution. All credits go to the entire mod family.

Now im proud to introduce the latest installment of my audiomod. The changes of ES are based on your comments, i hope You like it. All new sounds are from other games, mods, inet sources or soundpacks. I have replaced over 200 sound effects and did even a volume tuning. This version is featuring support for 44 & 22khz audio modes/settings.

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Download '' (21.82MB)

What's new in ES:

- All explosions have more bass now. 
- You asked for a better nade sound? No problem now its a realistic and more powerful sound.
- The submarine torpedos have a new sound.
- Bullets flyby is slightly improved, not as high pitched as before.
- I added new mixed bodyhit sounds with screams.
- If you leave a tank you will hear the sound from MoHAA.
- The tracked vehilces have now the sound from MoHAA, it sounds like in SPR. 

Old changes in HAD 1.22e:

Sounds		Changes 

airplanedive	-volume+
ammorrefill	-new sound  
bulletsair	-new sounds
explosions	-all new (you will notice a new water, flak & midrange explosion too)
fire		-volume+
bulletimpacts	-new sounds
character	-new sounds (run/walk at different underground & so on)
richochet	-new sounds
reloading	-new sounds
rockets flyby   -new sound

Tank & Naval Guns, Mobile and Coast Artillery, MP40, Thompson, BAR,
Colt & P38, KAR98 & No4, Bazooka & Panzerschreck, Grenade and Knife


Copy the ES Sound folder into your Bf9142\Mods\ directory.
Than You have to edit your init.con in Bf9142\Mods\bf1942 directory.
Enter the following command: game.addModPath Mods/ES/.
If you're using the merciless historic add-on or creation set you can
also copy my sound.rfa to the merciless folder in order to run it.

Made in Germany and finished after about 2 weeks.
Feedback: [email protected] or ICQ 39289527

Cya on the battlefield as =]SauerKraut[= !


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