Hey Soldiers! Heres a new map for Forgotten Hope. Hope you guys enjoy it. I enjoyed playing it very much. Great Job Vital Pants and Good Luck on other maps. Happy Fragging Everyone!



Normandy Drop

This map requires:

Battlefield 1942 Game (Patched to at least v1.6)
Forgotten Hope (At least version 0.61)
A fairly good computer possibly (Might run fine without one)

Normandy Drop is a map for the Battlefield 1942 mod Forgotten Hope. It takes place right after the allied soldiers jumped out of the C47's during the D-Day invasion of Normandy starting with them nearing the ground with their parachutes. They must take over various control points across the map. It's a night map and it's dark (Realistic). There are forests and such which is why you might need a fairly good computer to handle it or you might not. I haven't tested it on older slower computers so I am not sure. Although you can't spawn with them there are a few STG 44's and Snipers scattered around the map. The Snipers are mostly in the wrecked C47's. A few spots in the road are flooded because the Germans flooded much of Normandy. The flooded road can still be driven on. The majority of the allies land in small area but some land in completely different parts of the map. This is because many of the paratroopers didn't drop is the right place. I tried to catch all mistakes like floating objects etc but I might of missed a few due to the huge amount of objects in the map.


Casey Williams - Vital Pants

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