Normandy Drop

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Hey there soldiers! Here is a sweet map for Forgotten Hope! We hope that you enjoy! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!



This map requires:

Battlefield 1942 Game (Patched to at least v1.6)
Forgotten Hope (At least version 0.61)
A fairly good computer possibly (Might run fine without one)

This is the second version of Normandy Drop, a map for Forgotten Hope. Like the last version, it takes place during the D-Day invasion of Normandy starting with the paratroopers nearing the ground. In this version the map has been completely redone.

-*Most Importantly* Fixed problem with multiplayer
-Much smaller map for better infantry combat
-Much more details, including the ground textures
-Added Hedges
-A ambience has been added (made by King Rudolf)
-Music in the Forest Bunker
-Forest isn't nearly as dense, for better fps
-Better Town (just looks nicer)
-American 82nd Airborne Skin
-Much more

Known Bugs:
-Don't jump between a pile of lumber and the building its next to, you will get stuck


Casey Williams - Vital Pants

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