Nuenen Coop



Coop version of Nuenen map by bleibringer, winner of the last years EA contest. Also includes DC 0.7 conversion.



Background: Map is inspired by "Band Of Brothers" Episode 4 - Replacements

Map Description:
After the defeat in Normandy and the losses after crossing the Seine, the
Germans are forced to retreat to Holland.
Allies are on a mission called "Market Garden" to liberate the city of Eindhoven
and get closer to the German border with the intent on finishing the war before
The Axis has moved back to the village of Nuenen near Eindhoven and this is the
place where the Allies face a German ambush.


AI implanted by Rouspov
[email protected]

I had to repack the whole map with Ai files because the dedicate server wont show the map in the coop list...You can replace the original map by this one, its the same map;nothing have been changed in the conquest original version.I've been forced to change the location of a soldier spawnpoint in the church to fit with the pathmap...

Also include Desert Combat 0.7 conversion

*** Install ***

Extract into your "Battlefield 1942" Folder , and the 2 rfa's should be placed correctly.
Default path : C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942


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