Omaha Beach Single Player



this is Pokerchip once again with another ,upgraded BF1942 SP map

warning..this map will probably work for those with v1.3 but its only been tested on v1.2

to get the map to work unzip the Omaha_Beach.rfa file and put in you favorite mod under the bf1942\(fav mod)\archives\bf1942\levels << in here DO NOT delete the original OMAHA_BEACH.rfa in the big bf1942 folder

then ,if you've seen the screenshot you'll need to join the Xpak(RTR) expansion in your mods init.con like this..

game.setCustomGameName ?fav mod name? game.addModPath Mods/?fav mod?/ game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/MC1942_Bloodfx/ << if you have this mod add here game.addModPath Mods/XPack1/ <<>the US Beach Flag ControlPoint has been moved further towards the shore,and its now possible for the Germans to take it !!!

>>there are now more obstacles than before on the beach

>>I've given the Germans a new Defgun , situated above the beach

>>there are also now 2 Pak40 antitank guns on the map one protecting the first base and the other in the village. BEWARE

>>there are also more ammo boxes and medical lockers located in assorted bunkers

>>the spawnpoints for the first axisbase are now located above ground but still close to the base

>>I've also laboured to add new scenery never before seen in Omaha.

>>new sniper nests and Mg42 positions

>>a new vehicle repairbay for the main axisbase

>>the Germans also now start with 4 flagpoints including 2 whole new points bringing the total to 5 !!

>>tank-wise the US gets 4 Sheman's ,1 on the beach and 3 more when they capture the first GermanBase.The German's get 2 PanzerIV's ,3 HanomagAPC's ,2 Kubelwagons for getting about quickly and 2Sturmgeschutz tank-hunters

there's more but that's enough to whet your appetite yes? this is what I think the original Omaha_Beach released should have been like

god speed and goodluck soldier <> pokerchip

emailme about his mod if you wish at [email protected]


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