Ominos Archipelago

The (fictional) Ominos Archipelago is a group of five small islands in the midst of open ocean. The islands are of some strategic value and...


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The (fictional) Ominos Archipelago is a group of five small islands in the midst of open ocean. The islands are of some strategic value and so are serving as the site of a battle between an Allied naval force and an Axis naval force. Each team must sink their opponent's entire navy to be considered victorious. Each side (Axis and Allies) has a fleet comprised of one aircraft carrier (which spawns up to four fighters and up to two level bombers, each armed with torpedos), two battleships, four destroyers, and two submarines. The landing craft on the carriers and the battleships have been replaced with torpedo boats. Once a ship is sunk, it does not respawn; this means that the only way to ensure a victory is to sink your foe's entire naval force. There are seven control points. The central islands each serve as a control; holding all five will cause the enemy team to start bleeding tickets. There are also control points in the northwest and southeast corners of the map; holding both will also cause the enemy team to start bleeding tickets. Note that this means both teams can be bleeding tickets at the same time! Although each side has a very large number of tickets, bleeding occurs very quickly on this map and can cripple your team if you're not swift in getting a foothold in the enemy's territories. The northwest and southeast islands both have one anti-aircraft gun. The southwest and northeast both have one defgun. The central has two defguns and two anti-aircraft guns, as well as a few buildings where you will be able to take cover. The central island is completely impossible to land on by landing craft, and it is very difficult (but still possible) to land on any of the other islands - the easiest way to get onto the islands (and the only way to get onto the central island) is to parachute in by plane. Expect to take these control points mainly by use of your naval forces.

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[b]Important Note:		This level was designed for use with the expansion pack "The Road to Rome". Please don't try to play it without the expansion pack or the game will probably crash. ;)[/b]

To install the level, simply place the RFA file that came with this readme into the folder [1942 base directory]/Mods/XPack1/Archives/bf1942/Levels. To uninstall the level, simply remove the RFA file. 
Feel free to pass this level along to anyone that wants a copy so long as this readme stays with it.
If you want to make a change or two to this level, you can IF: you let me know via E-mail ( that you are making a change and what the changes are, and that you don't release the level with exactly the same name. :)

Thank you for downloading my level, and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Also look for my future CTF and Co-op addons for this map. ;)
Custom Level for Battlefield 1942/The Road to Rome
Level Name:		Ominos Archipelago
Gameplay Modes:		Conquest, Team Deathmatch
Author:			Steven Melenchuk (aka Grunt)
Author's E-mail:
Tools used:		Editor42, BC42, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, 3ds MAX, Programmer's File Editor, Notepad, RFA Explorer, MakeRFA

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