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This map is a completely new map featuring British and German forces in a scenario set during the British combined forces raid on S...


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This map is a completely new map featuring British and German forces in a scenario set during the British combined forces raid on St Nazaire in 1942.

Its a large urban battle and features the following...

Machine Gun armed Jeeps Bridges that can be blown up or repaired by the Engineer.

MadModder's Review

This map is set in small sea side town built around a naval yard. It features Jeeps and Willys with mounted (3rd seat) machine guns and as the read me says, exploding bridges. You can actually detonate (and repair) the stone bridges linking different areas of the map. I am very impressed with the coding Pitmatic used. The bridges look just like normal ones (unitl you pepper it with expacks and it begins smoking) and the detonation effects are very good. It could use some more flying debris but all in all it's impressive. It would look a little better if the wreck model for the bridges had jagged "destroyed" ends after detonation (they are pretty much smooth) at the bridge edges. Some other intresting goodies include a submarine pen with custom skins on the subs and various audio bits around certain objects. I'll let you figure out where they are. My only gripe is with the map layout itself. It has some cool areas such as the old train yard and piers jutting out into the sea, but given the flag layout some of these places won't see much action and the scenary may be wasted. Overall a good map. Even if you don't like playing custom maps, the exploding bridges alone make it worth the download. Good job PItmatic.

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Download 'operation_chariot.zip' (18.61MB)

Thank you for downloading Operation Chariot Version 1.0(final) 21st June 2003
Game Types Supported are Capture the Flag and Conquest

*Important* there is no singleplayer support SORRY i really tried but i couldnt get it working properly, i spent ages on this aspect of the map and i had to give it up.

Created BY Pitmatic email Pathfinder33@yahoo.com
or drop by the Faust and Turdy Forum at http://www.turdy.co.uk

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This Zip File contains:
readme_Operation_Chariot.txt (which your reading....i hope)

Copy the Operation_Chariot.rfa map to your ....battlefield1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels folder

Then join a multiplayer game and thats it 

just delete Operation_Chariot.rfa from the levels folder.

This is a large and original urban battle map for Battlefield 1942

The inspiration for this map is the St Nazaire raid of 1942. for information about the raid i strongly recomend you view these websites.


The allies begin by the Campbeltown having captured 2 Panzers and the Axis start at their base on the other side of the harbour.

The map features

Exploding bridges!

Jeeps with Machine Gun's 

Multiple Custom sounds.

Driver animations of the truck and Jeeps dont work properly (has no effect on gameplay), just means the driver wont hold onto the steering wheel(used to work before 1.4?). 

Bridges sides tend to flicker slightly (as this is free can live with it)

PLAYTESTER CREDITS (in no particular order)
Bad Boy Benji
tommee gunn
Muddy S
The UV Monkey
Faust (i have to mention him...)
Sony (the Marsbar queen)

RFA extractor by moseley
Gmake RFA By shrp77 based on moseleys makerfa
Notepad (text editors are always usefull)
Madbulls Map editor
Ultimate Unwrap3D
Battlecraft42 (shadows and lightmaps only)

Battlefield1942 (of course)

the End.

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