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Maps > Multiple Game Types > Operation Dolan

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This map is a battle is inside a fictional town in Germany on june 27,1944.the Nazi's were having a little party untill britian decided to have a bombing run on the town of Dolan.The american troops also decided to had a suprize attack on the town DOLAN on the same night, but the Nazi's fought right back at them...
These textures(Skyboxs) are property of (42IR)SP@Z..made by me (42IR)SP@Z,so guess what....I dont care if you use them.....just give me a email saying that you want to use my skybox for a certain map.

Extract level to ..\..\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels

Right Now my map is ctf/conquest/TDM/ in the future it will be for desertcombat and it will have coop support
got any issuse? Is there a bug/glitch in my map? Got a good idea for a map? Email me at hockeypro1010@yahoo.com||

Thx for downloading my map and have fun!!!!


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