Operation Merkur

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Operation Merkur is finally available for download! The awesome 'Invasion of Crete'-map for single player and coop created by wizards Nemesis and Rickochet has been given a Merciless work-over.

Note: Merciless 1.6.1, Merciless RtR and the official Road to Rome-Xpack are required.



Map changes by Merciless Creations:

·         added Kettenkrad

·         replaced 1 Sherman with Grant

·         added Spitfire/Bf109 spawner

·         added SBD Dauntless/Ju87 Stuka spawner

·         added Bf110/Mosquito spawner

·         added in Stengun for the New Zealander medic

·         added bayonettes for both teams engineer

Custom textures by Merciless Creations:

·         RAAF Spitfire

·         RAAF Mosquito

·         Royal Navy SBD Dauntless

·         British Bren carrier

·         British Sherman

·         British Grant

·         Luftwaffe Bf109

·         Luftwaffe Ju87 Stuka

·         Luftwaffe Bf110

·         German Panzer IV

·         Kriegsmarine Type 7 Uboat

·         Civilian truck from Koutsoupakis vineyard

AI code for more agressive bots
AI code for uboat

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