Operation Moose

A neat little map from this up and coming designer and its for dc .6 already :o


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A neat little map from this up and coming designer and its for dc .6 already :o

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Download 'operation_moose.rfa' (57.51MB)

Operation Moose (Version 1.0)
Map made by Cheesejaguar

Drop the 'Operation Moose.rfa' in your levels folder (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels)

Special Thanks to:
Osis for letting me use his Sniper Tent
Dionysos, Gasaraki, and LongHairedHippy for testing my map!!
Special thanks to all the Desert Combat developers for enduring my nagging and bugging!

Story Line:
Operation Moose: Iraqi scientists have discovered a large deposite of Uranium underground.
 Directly above that deposite is Moose Island, a tiny island in the middle of the Indian
 Ocean. A small Battle Group has been sent to prevent the Iraqis from obtaining 
these materials to prevent the possible construction of hundreds of "Dirty Bombs".
 If Iraq got a hold of enough Uranium, they could send small "Dirty Bombs" to America 
and commit acts of terrorism. Even worse, it could help the Iraqi Nuclear Program, 
started in 1988 to develop nuclear weapons.

The island Consists of a Factory/Drilling location, a Souther Beach Defense point,
 and a Lagoon which is the only way from the South Beach to the Factory.

Requires Desert Combat 0.6 to work!!

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