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When Angry Amoeba and BF Films get together, you get great thingsand this cool pack of files required to take part in his film!!


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When Angry Amoeba and BF Films get together, you get great thingsand this cool pack of files required to take part in his film!!

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This zip file contains all of the things needed to participate in the filming session for Operation Red Sun which will be taking place on Saturday, April 12, 2005.  THIS EXCLUDES the Desert Combat mod (can be found at www.desertcombat.com) and the Desert Combat Movie Edition mod (can be found at www.planetbattlefield.com/battlefieldnl).  The Movie Edition mod is a mod used by movie producers to capture certain camera angles and such that are impossible in the death cam mode.  These mods are REQUIRED to participate on Saturday.  Teamspeakwould also help a lot, but is not required.  Many scenes are easier exlpained verbally rather than being typed.  PLEASE READ everything in here except for the script, unless you want to.  I believe most of the things I typed up here are important to know.  It won't take more than five minutes of your life, I promise ;)


The purpose of the map modifications is to alter the maps in what I feel suits the film best, or features that were added in order to fit the storyline.  For example, DC Battle of 73 Easting has some increased fog, which I felt added to the effect of being out in the middle of the desert.  Helicopters as well as F-14s were added (but removed since there is no need for them and the scenes involving the F-14 are finished), but most of those parts have already been filmed, so in this case we will only be using the UH-60 blackhawk.  DC Urban Siege has a custom skinned lada (civilian car) to fit the description of a police car.  Yes, I know it's not that good, but the skin is being worked on and you won't need to redownload anything as custom skins can be used even though not everyone has them.  There are increased numbers of civilian vehicles, which will come in handy when we are filming the "chase" scene through the streets of urban siege.  I want the viewers to feel like they're actually in a city full of pedestrians and civilians driving cars, not just these Iraqis and Americans chasing each other.

The map modifications have _000 extensions on the end, which tell the battlefield engine that any files in the map modifications should override the files in the original map file.  This avoids the need to have a completely new map, and thus saving a lot of time, as well as disk space.  This also means that when you are finished, you should delete them to avoid a "Data differs from server" message the next time you try to join a Desert Combat Movie Edition server unning 73 Easting or Urban Siege.  

To install, just put the maps in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\mods\DCME\Archives\levels\bf1942\

Joining the server:

You have two options.  Easiest method is to just follow me in through xFire.  If you don't have xFire, it's no problem at all.  The server IP address is  For teamspeak, you can also follow me in through xFire, but in case you don't have it the Teamspeak IP is  Note that there are a LOT of channels in there, so don't be alarmed when you first see it.  just look for BFFILMS (it's alphabetically organized).  EVERYTHING is passworded, but we made the password easy to remember: bffilms

There are a few rules I would like to go over:

	1) LISTEN TO ME WHEN I AM SPEAKING.  There is nothing more frustrating when I am trying to speak and everyone else is spamming and such.  Please refrain from chatting or speaking when I am explaining a scene or giving out information.  It's easy to say, "Hey guys, shut up and listen."  I do understand that you are trying to help, but this only makes matters worse.
	2) If you're going to fool around the whole time and keep crashing jets into other people, don't bother coming.  Mistakes do, and will happen, but if happens consistently and you don't stop when I ask you to, I have every right to kick you, and possibly ban you for the duration of the filming session.
	3) Just try to contribute positively to the production, and everyone will have a good time :D.
	4) When you enter the server, please be aware that something may be in progress, or is currently being filmed.  I bring this up because I know some people might have to leave early, or some people might be showing up late, all of the sort.  This is fine, but just remember to be cautious when entering the server.



Scene 1: Shot Down 
The scene begins with showing various shots of engineers preparing a plane for takeoff. I was thinking about having a red overlay/glow over all of this, while we do the usual opening credits. After is says the name of the film, it will flash and the plane behind it will take off. The camera will follow it for about 5 – 10 seconds. The camera will then cut to a hill (most likely filmed with binoculars) where a few Iraqis are patrolling by a control tower and a SAM. All of a sudden, a red light on the side of the SAM starts flashing. It slowly starts to rotate (by now the soldiers have turned and are startled). The camera cuts to a different angle where you can see in the direction in which the SAM is turning towards. As it locks on, you slowly see the aircraft approaching. When it gets closer, the SAM fires at the aircraft. The camera cuts to first person where the get a “Warning: Lock-On” message. The camera then cuts to the perspective of the missile. When it gets close to the aircraft, it cuts back to the aircraft where the console displays “EJECT” in green. The only other thing you see after that is the plane exploding. 

Scene 2: Confrontation 
This scene leaves off from the last one ended. You first see the pilot who has landed in a rocky area, and for the first time see that he ejected in time. He sits up holding his binoculars. He stands up and looks around across the field. Then all of a sudden he hears a twig snap in the woods. He swiftly draws his pistol and immediately turns to where he heard it. This area is not easily visible, with lots of bushes. He slowly approaches and walks through the bushes, pistol still drawn. He looks around for about 5 seconds and then sighs. All of a sudden, you hear the sound of a pistol loading. The camera rotates to show an Iraqi with a gun to the soldier’s head. The Iraqi says, “Don’t move. Give me your gun.” He does so and takes out binoculars. Another Iraqi comes out from the bushes with an AK-47. He points it at his head and nods him to go over to the clearing in which he came from. He emerges from the bushes to see multiple vehicles. The Iraqis escort him over to a rugged looking pickup truck. The soldier jumps into the back. The camera then cuts to a different angle in which the soldier is now sitting down in the back of the pickup. The other two Iraqis jump in and hold him at gun point. The pickup pulls away with a T-72 in front of it and behind it. A hind also offers air support. 

Scene 3: Bad Intel 
The scene starts off with a shot of the Nimitz (we could have some choppers going, planes lined up). The camera zooms in to the radio tower where is fades to black. After a second, it fades back in to a control room (I’ve concluded this will be too hard to map, so I have decided it will be easier to do on the lower deck of the Nimitz). The admiral walks in. One of the soldiers working the controls gets up and says, “Five minutes ago, one of our birds was shot out of the sky. (Showing him a map) This map shows his path before he was shot down.” The admiral sighs and says, “Is he alive?” The soldier says, “We have reason to believe he is being held hostage, sir.” The camera stays on the admiral for a while, then cuts to the next scene. 

Scene 4: Escape 
The scene starts up with a close-up of the soldier. It slowly zooms out and you see that two Iraqis are guarding him. The soldier by the door of the bunker says, “I’m going for a smoke,” or something to that effect. He walks out, turns, and walks out of sight. The other Iraqi goes out as well, but guards the door facing the other way. He looks around the room for weapons and finds nothing. After a short while, he gives up. He slowly approaches the guard from behind and punches him in the back of the head, knocking him out (we will do this with a view from the front so you can’t tell that it’s actually a knife. We will add in sound effects later if necessary). He starts sprinting over to a pickup truck. One by one, guards are turning around and running. Some of them open fire and the soldier dives toward the truck. The bullets barely miss him, hitting the truck. Then it cuts to a different angle where the soldier is in the driver’s seat of the pickup. He starts it and zooms off. By now, all the soldiers are shooting at him. He flies off towards the exit. He hits a bump and soars through the air where a tank shell hits the ground below him. The soldier continues into the distance (camera is still by the exit to the base). You see pickups armed with recoilless turrets and machine guns follow the pickup into the distance. After a bit, two Howitzers pull up from behind the camera. The camera shows a front view where you can see now the there is a soldier next to each of them with pairs of binoculars. They both look through them and say, “Artillery ready for barrage!” The barrels slowly rotate. One of them fires followed by the other. The camera cuts to a view of the escaping soldier. Now, the pickups are on his tail, firing machine guns at him, recoilless shells exploding all around him. All of a sudden you hear the sound of a tank shell whistling. There are two huge explosions on either side of him (not perfectly on either side of him). He continues to drive. The camera cuts to a scene of American tanks, hummers, helicopters, and all kinds of vehicles. A guy sitting on top of a hill takes out his binoculars, uses them and says, “Unit spotted! Hold your fire it could be friendly.” When the pickup gets closer, the binocular soldier says, “Target is friendly, I repeat, target is friendly. Hold your fire!” The pickup gets closer until it drives past the vehicles and stops behind them. All the firepower slaughters the people in pickups that were following him. There will be mini guns from the Black Hawk blazing, tanks firing, hummers shooting TOW s and MG s. The enemy vehicles blow up. Another soldier walks over to the one who just escaped. He starts to say, "Hi I'm-" when the other soldier (facing the tanks and artillery behind him) sees a scud missile head for them. The soldier shouts, "Take cover!" and they dive away from the explosion.  Most vehicles are blown up, but the Black Hawk remains alive, though smoking heavily. Note that the soldiers weren't very close to it.  They will be far enough away to possibly survive the impact. You see their bodies get blown away and the camera fades to black. 

Scene 5: Survivors 
The camera fades back in where you see the soldier lying on the ground on his back (we can do this by killing him, lol). The camera cuts to a different shot not showing him on the ground (this is because we can’t show him roll over from his back) and he slowly gets up and comes into view of the camera. He looks around and them runs off to the side where he sees the body of the officer that he was talking to. He crouches down and looks at his body.  His eyes are still open. He curses and stands up. His M16 is on the ground next to him, which he picks up (this will look good because by default it will switch to your primary weapon automatically). He walks away and the camera fades out.

 Scene 6: On your own
The camera shows another shot of the Nimitz.  It cuts to the lower deck where the admiral and the soldier are talking again.  The admiral sighs and the soldier says, “With all due respect, sir, I believe that sending in more soldiers would simply be a mistake and a waste of men.”  He looks down for a moment and then says, “There are no more options.  I want everyone sent in pulled out immediately.”  The soldier says, “Yes sir!” and walks down the hallway at the end.  The camera shows the admiral again and sighs and walks in the other direction.

Scene 7: The City
The scene begins with the soldier walking again.  For a minute or so, you see him making his way up a hill.  When he reaches the top, he stops.  The camera slowly pans up and you see a city (Urban Siege).  He begins walking towards it and the camera fades out.  When the camera fades back in, the soldier is walking through the city.  You see cars driving by, (civilians) and there are cars parked on the sides of the street.  He walks up to a pickup, looks around, then knifes the car door (from the other side of the car, it will look like he is opening the door) and gets in and drives away.  As he’s driving, you see a police car come up behind him (we will re-skin the civilian car for this) and he sounds his sirens a few times.  The soldier doesn’t stop and he sounds the sirens again.  All of a sudden, he floors it and turns down an alleyway.  The police car follows and he flies out from the alleyway and flies by the camera.  The police car is now pretty close to them and pulls up next to them.  He knocks into them a few times and then all of a sudden he blows up.  A gazelle helicopter drops down from the sky out of nowhere.  It flies over the car and shoots around the pickup (the pilot will have to be careful not to hit the pickup too many times, or else it will get a lot of damage and therefore look bad).  More police cars come (possibly in response to a request by the other) and start trying to disable the pickup.  They get closer and the helicopter blows one up.  One of the other police cars that were following swerves to avoid the wreckage and crashes into a building, telephone pole, or some other object.  The last police car decides that it’s way too dangerous and falls back.  The camera then cuts to a ground of U.S. soldiers walking on the side of the street.  All of a sudden, the car flies by with the chopper flying close and low behind it.  The soldiers hop into a Stryker, or whatever those things are called and they drive away.  One of the soldiers is driving and one of the others are manning the .50 Cal on top of it.  The other one is in the back with a SMAW.  They chase the helicopter for awhile and then the soldier in the pickup stops and gets out and runs for cover.  The Stryker stops and the SMAW man gets out.  He crouches down and aims.  He clenches his teeth and fires.  The missile travels through the air and hits the helicopter.  It begins to smoke black and lose control.  Eventually it crashes into a building.  The men walk over to the soldier.  The soldier says, “Thanks guys, I owe you one,” or something to that effect.  “When we get home, drinks are on me.”  The guys go “Roger” and give him a thumbs up.  The soldier radios to the Nimitz and says, “Requesting transportation immediately,” or something and the camera shows a bunch of men running out to the Seahawk.  They all go in the back (where the camera cant see) and get in.  One of the soldiers gets in the pilots seat, one gets in the mini gun seat, and the other gets in the side gunner seat.  They take off and leave the Nimitz.  The camera shows the Seahawk flying and then it cuts back to the city where the soldiers are climbing the stairs to the highest building.  When they get to the top, they sit and wait for a bit.  You hear the Seahawk coming in the distance and it gets louder and louder.  When it gets there, an enemy helicopter flies down and hovers behind them.  They turn and start running and they dive out and land in the back of the Seahawk.  The Seahawk rises and flies away with the mini gunner in the back blazing with fire, possibly blowing up the helicopter behind them.  They fly into the distance and the movie ends with some sort of thing with the soldiers being presented with medals.

The End

Yes, there are a lot of parts that don't make a whole lot of sense, or are unrealistic.  This movie is intended to be a fun-to-watch movie, and is not entirely realistic and/or accurate.  The script also contains information about sequences and things pertaining to video editing, as this is a guide for me when I edit the video as well.  This is intended as a basic guide and is not intended to be followed strictly.  Any suggestions will certainly be taken into consideration, but keep in mind a lot of this has already been filmed/edited.  No, we can't change the entire storyline.  Yes, we know it's been done 150 times.  But if you stick to the plan, I guaruntee you won't be disappointed.  And yes, you do get a spot in the credits :D.

That's about it...I just want to thank the community for being so awesome and without your undying support for BFFILMS this film would never have been possible.  Once again, I'm looking forward to filming it and the release.  Thanks again for helping us out, and it looks to be an excellent film :D

Battlefield Films Producer

Contact me with any questions you might have.
AIM:  Nemesis0042
xFire:  angryamoeba
Email:  angryamoeba@comcast.net

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