Operation Ridgeback

Description -

The 2 fighting forces have dug in either side of a huge ridge, with only narrow roads or a lake to...


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Description -

The 2 fighting forces have dug in either side of a huge ridge, with only narrow roads or a lake to approach their foes. On top of the ridge is an abandoned allied airbase, which may yield a tactical advantage, and several abandoned outposts. There are 6 control points overall. If one team can control 4 of them, it will weaken the grip of the opposition, whose tickets will begin to fall. Caution must be exercised however, as all control points can be captured, including the main bases.

Control points are -

AlliedBase (Allies) AxisBase (Axis) Airbase (neutral) Foothills (neutral) Farm (neutral) Island (neutral)

*As mentioned elswhere. Odd looking textures are a hardware issue with my vid card. Not an issue with the map itself.

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Download 'operation_ridgeback_1.3.zip' (11.28MB)

Operation Ridgeback -

* Version 1.3 *

Version history -
1.0 - original version released for testing within Clan-UOcUK
1.1 - Many more trees and a few new buildings added to the map
1.2 - Several roads smoothed - footpath access to airbase improved
1.3 - Following feedback at Clan-UOcUK LAN 2003:
	Airbase footpath further improved
	Mustang spawn moved back onto flat land
	Additional defguns on island
	More trees added

Installation -

Just unzip the stepping_stone.rfa to the following directory (standard Installation)

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels

Notes -

This map was created by Mike, aka UOcUK|Juggernaut of the mighty fine clan UocUK, which can be found on the internet here -  
Contact me with feedback on uocuk.juggernaut@ntlworld.com

Links to download both this map, and all the custom maps in use on our clan BF1942 game server are available from the clan BF1942 minisite:

Tools used were
Battlecraft Public Beta

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